What's in Exploration Day, a special internal knowledge sharing activity at VEU?

On November 21, 2020, Vietnam Education Unit (VEU) launched the program "Exploration Day" - the internal knowledge sharing activity in the Unit at the two bridge-heads, Sun* Hanoi and Sun* Da Nang. With the slogan "Together we get more", VEU hopes that through this activity, the members of the Unit will accumulate useful knowledge, best supporting their work, as well as strongly developing themselves in the future.

Exploration Day is the first special form of internal knowledge sharing, first organized at VEU. “Software Performance, Security and Reliability” is the topic selected by VEU to share in this year's program.

Given the diverse nature of the teams in the Unit, including IT and NON-IT members, choosing the right topic for everyone is something that the organizers had to carefully consider. Eventually, the dividing team to share knowledge format has been chosen by the Organizing Committee.

Specifically, each team will present a topic related to the theme of the year. The team with the best performance will be awarded by the Organizing Committee. Individuals who do not belong to any playing team and working on the topic themselves are also counted in the program.

The teams participating in the program

Both Education and Awesome Academy Groups carried a noble mission, which was to impart knowledge, as well as work experience for trainees and students at the Center. Therefore, understanding the knowledge of Software Performance, Security and Reliability is of extreme necessity in learning, as well as applying to the real work.

Through the exchange of knowledge and practical experience in the working process, the speakers gave people perspectives and how to handle problems at work in different aspects. 6 teams and 2 individuals are the latest number that the program recorded participating in the last 11/21/2020 sharing session.

The program was the gathering of all VEU members, including members in Da Nang.

Opening the program was the online connection between the two bridgeheads,  Sun* Hanoi and Sun* Da Nang, to listen to Mr. Anh Tuan - Manager of VEU sharing about the meaning and purpose of this "Exploration day" event.

Despite the difficulty in  geographical distance, the “Be A Team” spirit was still fully promoted by the members. Everyone felt extremely excited about this special activity.

Mr. Anh Tuan - Manager of VEU department opened the program.
Hanoi bridgehead
Da Nang bridgehead

VEU is also very happy to have the participation of Mr. Duc Thang - Group Leader of R&D Unit as a special guest of the program. In addition to being a jury who did the scoring of the sharing of the participating teams, Mr. Thang also shared the topic "Scaling a Product with Microservices Architecture".

Phần chia sẻ của khách mời, anh Đức Thắng - Group Leader của R&D Unit

The best part of the program is the competition among the participating teams. The "Dream Catchers" team was the first to share the topic "SQL Query Optimization" with a practical way to address the question about "Have you ever got frustrated and annoyed about waiting for a website to load information for too long?”

The "Dream Catchers" team with their sharing part.

Minh Tuan B and Thanh Dat are members of the second team "Mobile team" with the topic "Anti-theft of information on mobile devices". With an interesting approach, through clips and easy-to-understand questions about hackers stealing user information on mobile devices, Mobile Team offered listeners authentic descriptions and methods to avoid disclosure of personal information.

Sharing part of "Mobile team"

The competition at Hanoi bridgehead ended with the presentation of the "Awesome Knights" team, sharing the topic "The Application Security Testing". Revolving around security vulnerabilities under the perspective of hackers and developers - the one who laughs at the cry of the other, the three girls of QA team with their own knowledge and experience helped the participants to have a more intuitive perspective towards identification and security vulnerability addressing.

In parallel with Hanoi bridgehead, Da Nang bridgehead is also very exciting with competitions among individuals Le Vu Tuan, Tran Duc Quoc and the playing team "Forever team", "New Quoc Chien", "Red Bear" with the topics "Using Redis improve Performance and Security for the application", "The mobile apps are really free", "Security and Front-end Performance", "Security and Performance Testing", "Web performance" respectively.

Exciting, enthusiastic and dramatic is the common atmosphere that everyone can feel from the teams at the two bridgeheads, Hanoi and Da Nang.

At the end of the program, before announcing the awards, the teams listened to Mr. Tuan's sharing on "Open authentication", a topic that received a lot of attention and support from the participants.

Here are the teams that excellently won in the competition. Specifically at Hanoi branch:

Excellent Award - the highest award, given to the "Awesome Knights" team from Hanoi branch

"Awesome Knights" team with the Excellent Award

Outstanding Award was given to "Dream Catchers" and “Mobile team”

"Dream Catchers" team
"Mobile team" team

With the extremely objective evaluation vote from the judges as well as those present at the program, the teams named in Da Nang were:






The team “Red bear” won the Best Impressive tyle award.

Although held for the first time, VEU has been seen as very successful in building a mutual playground for the members in the Unit. This is a good opportunity for people to share knowledge, improve their capability, as well as build a spirit of collective solidarity, helping VEU to become stronger and stronger.

Da Nang bridgehead
Hanoi Bridgehead

Hopefully, with the outcomes it brings, "Exploration Day" will continue to be enthusiastically welcomed by the members in the Unit, in order to build a strong and thriving VEU in the future.



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