What’s special about the first PMI-ACP exam preparation course at Sun*?

Starting in September 2020, the first PMI-ACP certification exam preparation course at Sun has ended with flying colors, leaving positive impressions with Sun*’s students.

You may not know, PMI-ACP (PMI Agile Certified Practitioner)® is a prestigious Agile project management certificate from PMI (American Project Management Institute).

Owning a PMI-ACP certificate means that Sunners have mastered the knowledge built as the standard to be flexibly applied at Sun* and many different types of projects. Having the PMI-ACP certification in hand is the best testament to the personal ability to understand Agile as well as the ability to be ready to apply in the real environment whatever field the project may belong to.


PMI-ACP Certificate (Photo: Internet)

Notably, according to PMI's statistics, personnel with PMI-ACP certification have a salary 20% higher than that of colleagues with the same number of years of experience. Although the PMP (Professional Project Management Certificate) is leading in the number of owners (over 1 million people), the PMI-ACP certificate has had a tremendous growth rate over a few years. Here (the number of owners has steadily increased by from 30 - 35% /year). This shows that PMI-ACP is the dream of many Agile project managers today, especially in a Digital Creative Studio like Sun*.

At Sun *, the term Agile has become very familiar to many Sunners, and with many different large and small projects. Along with that, many Agile courses based on Agile Fundamentals - Agile Testing - Scum Master - Agile Leadership levels ... were also held at Sun* in 3 regions.

In particular, PMI-ACP is a high-level course. In order to have the opportunity to join this course, Sunners needs to complete basic courses such as Agile Fundamentals, Agile Testing and Scum Master. Moreover, the course is only held around August - Septemper every year.

(Currently, the Agile Testing course is recruiting, Sunners can register to attend right HERE)

PMI-ACP graduates at Hanoi Sun*

The PMI-ACP certification exam preparation course under the guidance of Mr. Nhac Trung was held in September this year online (from 20:30 to 22:30 pm). It is known that it only lasts for 8 weeks but most classes end late in the evening (after 23:00). The pressure of time and relatively intense number of exercises are the challenges for many Sunners when attending the course.

"It is difficult for those who are stressed with the project by day to concentrate by night and they may delay the exercise. However, you do not have to worry much, because Mr. Trung has already arranged everything properly. Just follow the formula of the teacher, you will learn effectively. " - A student of the PMI-ACP course shared.

Despite the stress of time and the amount of knowledge, the class still receives enthusiastic support and engagement from students.

PMI-ACP graduates at Da Nang Sun*

As an active and excellent student of the PMI-ACP course in Da Nang, Thu Mai (EUV4) shared with Sun* News a lot about her own feelings after finishing the course: "I feel lucky to attend this course At first when I registered, I was quite hesitant because I did not know if I could guarantee the completion of the course because the study time was quite strict (20:30 ~ 22h30), additionally, it was the time when I was added to a new project. However, with the encouragement of my classmates, I also took a risk to apply and followed the spirit of "cut your coat according to your cloth" first (ahihi).

Actually, every lesson of Mr. Trung is very attractive. I did not skip any classes and always tried to complete his assignments on time, contradictory to my expectation. And it is also "luck" that my project follows the spirit of Agile. Without Trung's course, it is difficult for me to understand all the terms that PO in the project mentioned. In addition, there are many good classmates, from whom I have learned many valuable experiences to apply in the future!"

Many veteran members of Sun * also attend the PMI-ACP course to prepare for the certification exam in the near future.

The PMI-ACP course led by Mr. Nhac Trung ended not long ago. Many students of the course have planned to practice, have a firm grasp of the knowledge to prepare for the exam.

Anh Duc (EUV2 - Sun * Hanoi) shared: "The course covers a lot of interesting knowledge related to Agile, which is very useful for my current job. I have found out that thanks to the knowledge from the course, the process of working with the team as well as customers becomes smoother and more convenient. After the course, I plan to take the PMI-ACP certification exam like many other students in the course, and then learn more about several other Agile roadmaps"

Currently, the first PMI-ACP course at Sun* held in 2020 has ended and students are in the certification preparation phase, preparing to enter the important exam.

Once again, please with Sun* News, send our encouragement and wishes to these Sunners in the upcoming exam! And don't forget to check out Sun's internal courses in the new year 2021!


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