Where did Sunners go and what did they do on this summer vacation?

Checking Facebook, we can see that Sunners are having very happy and exciting moments with their family, friends, and relatives over the last vacation. Let’s summarize those wonderful moments with Sun* News!

Cái Tô Group - EUV1 had a fancy team-building trip in Danang named "Forever together!". By looking at the excited faces of the members, we can see how Cái Tô group had happy moments together!
Nhật Uyên is "traveling" in Hanoi, the place where she lives. You need to go far away, just looking at this beautiful girl's smile, it is already full of positive energy!
Trần Công Tú (EUV3) and a fancy pic in Sapa
Another girl who is still happy without traveling anywhere is Ngô Thị Gấm (EUV2) at S-connect stall to raise her charity. This girl used holiday day-offs to stay at the shop to do charity. This shop has many clothes, books, beautiful and useful items, etc. If you want to do charity, you can send them to Gấm, or buy something to support her stall. She is at 102K8 KĐT Việt Hưng - Long Biên - Hà Nội!
And here is Thanh Phuong with a summer vacation in Cat Ba - Hai Phong. Sun* girls all become more beautiful and are full of energy when they go on vacatio. Perhaps the company should arrange more vacations like this!
Lê Văn Giang (R&D Unit) is practicing kungfu on Ly Son Island!
Dang Trung Anh - IC Group decided to go on a long trip along the Central region on her boyfriend's motorbike. Do you think Trung Anh is cool?
These dynamic boys and girls of Sun* Da Nang have traveled together in Quy Nhon to strengthen their solidarity during this holiday season! They look so beautiful! So jealous!
At Sun* Hanoi, there is also a group of beautiful girls called FDI. If you “drop” your lover, come here and get her back!
Trần Lê Vy (HRV Unit) visited Quy Nhơn in this vaction
Cô nàng Hoàng Vi used these holidays to go to Central Highland, sell durian to earn more money. She would look even better if she brought durian to the team
Some of the Infra Group - Hanoi went to the beach in Da Nang. In the picture, we can see the cool boy Bui Tuan Anh: "I am covered in water ey "
Mr.Bo and some of his close colleagues at Sun* Da Nang choose Da Lat as a holiday destination in these relaxing days!
Nguyễn Phương Thảo (DEU) traveled with her husband in this long holiday
Sunner Phạm Anh Tài (Sun* Đà Nẵng) Sunner Pham Anh Tai (Sun * Da Nang) also chose Đà Lạt as a traveling place for his long vacation
Sunner Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Hà (EUV2) and a chill experience at Quy Nhơn