Are you ready to study and practice for the IT certificate "free of charge" with Viblo Learning?

The fifth piece of the Viblo platform - Viblo Learning - was officially launched this morning January 20, 2021, offering the IT community the one of a kind certificate learning and exam preparation service with interesting features. Let's explore this new piece right now!

Over the past 6 years of establishment and development, with the aim of "Ultimate platform for learning and sharing IT Knowledge", up to now, Viblo has become a familiar and platform favored by the IT community. This is where IT engineers can share IT knowledge, practice algorithms, practice security-related knowledge, or use the free CV creation service. The number of people interested and using the website is getting larger as a result of the non-stop efforts of the Viblo Team during the past time.

Not overcompensating that victory, the Viblo team is continuing to develop and add to its ecosystem new pieces of service, typically Viblo Learning. ( ) - a service that allows users to study and practice for a certificate totally free of charge.

Home page interface of Viblo Learning

Viblo Learning and new "unprecedented" features

Currently, when wanting to study and practice for certification exams, the IT community can easily find countless sites on the Internet. However, not all websites or applications are reputable enough or completely free of charge. The important thing is, you will definitely have to spend a lot of time to learn, select and arrange a route as well as the curriculum to suit your own needs. In order to help our technology engineers avoid "misorientation" among a multitude of choices, Viblo Team has updated their learning roadmaps, especially the "trending" roadmap, updating the latest trends of technology in general and information technology in particular.

Viblo Learning currently owns diverse courses in many different fields of expertise in the information technology industry such as Web, Devops, Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, Security, ...

“Hot” courses are available on Viblo Learning

Unlike many current certification exam preparation services, Viblo Learning brings a very new playing field with a ranking system. Viblo Learning users can prepare for exams and complete certificates, then have the opportunity to be ranked in rankings for each week, month, and throughout the time of using the service. The ranking feature is expected to create a great motivation for users to maintain their study frequency as well as determination to "rank up" during their exam preparation.

Ranking system on Viblo Learning website

In particular, at Viblo Learning, you - the users - will be the owner of the courses because you can contribute questions and content to the courses through the "contribute" feature. The system will recognize your contributions, convert to points and have rankings. And the top rankings and outstanding contributors are sure to dominate the events of the Viblo Platform that use contribution points to award prizes.

Viblo development team with young talented members (Image: Sun* News)

With the ambition to bring the best experience to users, making Viblo become a quality and prestigious address in the information technology field, the members of Viblo Team have constantly learned and improved this product. Viblo Platform always aims to become a free ecosystem, contributing to the general development of the Vietnamese IT community.

With Viblo Learning, the development team hopes that this will continue to be a well-received and loved product, bringing practical benefits to IT engineers with the wish to study and practice for professional certificates.

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