Ba Luan: 'I want to capture the range of human emotions through the camera lens, it's a complete spiritual and emotional journey'

Ba Luan - the handsome QA of EUV2, currently living and working at Sun* Da Nang. Not only good at work and is highly appreciated in the unit, Luan also stands out thanks to his passion for photography. Every photo that Luan shared on his personal account has received a lot of love from everyone. Let's find out more about this multi-talented man of Sun*!

On weekends, holidays or sometimes on days when I get to leave work early and I happen to find a beautiful moment, I take some photos. For me, taking pictures doesn’t always require a big and heavy camera (although it’s better if you have one), but once the love for what’s before your eyes hits, even just a phone can capture beautiful pictures!

Ba Luan - The “new breeze” of Sun* Da Nang

Luan’s artistic gift is “passed down” from his father, Luan shared about the reason he started photographing: 

"My family, especially my father, have greatly influenced my passion for photography! Since I was a child, I have seen a lot of film photos taken by my father and thereby formed a love for capturing beautiful moments and emotions. Although I have been exposed to photography since I was young, it was not until 11th grade that I had the opportunity to "pick up the camera and take pictures" when my brother gave me one. So I started researching and every time I had the opportunity, I took the camera and walked around to take photos." - Luan shared.

The boy with a passion in photography

Photography isn’t just a passion, it also brings Luan memorable experiences packed with many emotions. “The first time I went to shoot street photography, I didn’t know anyone “in the game” so a “fish-out-of-water” like me decided to take photos in the neighborhood near Truong Tien Bridge.”

While looking around, I saw a street vendor walking in the beautiful afternoon sun, so I quickly took a picture without asking if she agreed to have her photo taken or not. So I got a terrible scolding, almost getting a sandal in the head. Anyone who has a passion for street photography like me, do learn from my experience, remember to ask for the other person's consent before taking a photo!" - Luan fondly remembered his "first time".

For Luan, taking a good photo is not easy! In addition to technical issues such as lighting, composition, etc., the most important thing is the emotion and message conveyed through the photo. A photo, although technically perfect, without emotion, it is difficult for the viewer to feel the meaning and the "love" in the photo. Every picture Luan takes always has some 'love' and something natural.

“I like traveling, especially back-packing so I want to capture photos of places I’ve been to to keep the memory and to show everyone that Vietnam’s scenery is really beautiful. I also want to capture human emotions through my camera lens. To me, it’s like a complete spiritual and emotional journey!”

Photography is one of the most complete ways of expressing human emotions towards reality. The important thing is that the photos must touch viewers’ hearts. And Luan did it!

Everywhere Luan goes, every person he meets is an "artistic inspiration" for him

Previously, when Luan was a student, taking pictures brought about a feeling of relaxation and comfort, and sometimes it brought him some money for his personal expenses because at that time he was hired to take pictures. Later, when he had a more stable job, taking pictures was mainly to satisfy Luan's passion, relieve the pressure after a tiring working week.

I've always liked the quote that a brother said to me:

"Appreciate the core value of life and live every moment to the fullest"

We don’t know how life or this world will change tomorrow. If you're young and healthy, just live and experience as much as you can.

Ba Luan

Such is life! As long as we continue to be passionate and cultivating "love", we will surely feel how meaningful this life is! Wish Luan and Sunners who are nurturing their own passions a lot of success on the path they are pursuing!

Let's admire some works through the lens of Ba Luan!

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