Behind a “knowledgeable person” is...

In your opinion, is a rich person a knowledgeable person? The answer is not sure. Is a person with many qualifications a knowledgeable person? The answer is not sure. Is the person with high dignity and social status a knowledgeable person? The answer is not sure. So what is "a knowledgeable person" like?

If you want to know whether a person is "knowledgeable" or not or you are "knowledgeable" or not, the three following questions will help you.

Do they accept new ideas?

A knowledgeable person is a person who accepts new ideas.

Normally, in your work or life, when you talk, interact with someone who tells you a piece of information, a story, a certain knowledge, there will be questions popping in your head: "Right or left?", "Right or wrong?". Then you will apply all of your experiences, knowledge, experiences, and past memories to answer the question of "right or wrong". If that information matches your knowledge, what you have experienced, you will easily accept it. But if it is different from your thoughts, understanding, and knowledge, you will immediately find ways to criticize.

"Is this world operated by what is right or is supposed to be right?"

The answer is "It is said to be correct".

There are many things that were thought to be true before, but later it is proved to be no longer true. There are many things that were thought to be true, but then later proved with scientific reality to be correct. So, right or not right just depends on the moment, the matter, and who determines it!

In reality, nothing is absolute.

A knowledgeable person is a person who accepts new ideas. Accepting a new idea is accepting that it is from your point of view and thought.

The knowledgeable person is not in a hurry to comment, judge right and wrong with any contrary opinion or opinion. Knowledgeable people never comment, evaluate different opinions, they always find values from those differences, connect with their own opinions, and aim to have common goals for appropriate feedback.

Do they accept others?

A knowledgeable person is a person who accepts others.

"Is it difficult to accept others?" - "Yes!"


Because others are different from ourselves. Because accepting others is accepting differences and accepting differences is difficult because human psychology often tends to like people with characteristics (personality, lifestyle, thinking, knowledge, qualifications ..) like themselves while people with different traits are those they dislike, and opposing each other can sometimes create conflicts.

In this life, how many people are like me? There are more people like me or more people different from me?

You may have heard the saying: "It’s who I am. If you accept me, then you can continue to play with me. If not, it’s still fine". You see very clearly that people are often put in self-centered situations and this personal ego makes us easily isolated or undervalued. Not to mention these types of people also encounter situations like people who are willing to adjust themselves to follow you because you have a "something", but if you don't have something for them, people will run to others.

If you don't accept the difference, you will miss many opportunities from others. If you don't accept the difference, you will always see distance with your wife, have a conflict with your boss, or find that someone else's husband or boss is "better".

Why is it difficult for me to have a common voice with my colleagues? Why does the boss not understand me, not recognize me? Because you always create a distance, because you don't accept their differences. If you accept a difference, then you will adjust to take the opportunity from that difference.

Knowledgeable people are people who seek and receive good things from different people in their lives.

Do they accept themselves?

Knowledgeable people are people who accept themselves

The knowledgeable person is the person who knows who he is, what his strengths and weaknesses are in order to have reasonable plans and plans for themselves to achieve good results. No one in this world is perfect. Each person has their own strengths. Success in this life has 13 types of energy. If you do not have this power, you may have other powers.

Because they know who they are, a knowledgeable person will not participate in stories that are theirs, do not argue with things that they do not understand, being humble every time, everywhere. And it is also an expression of self-acceptance and self-understanding!

There is another point that knowledgeable people possess, which is, they have AQ (Adversity Quotient), referred to as a high difficulty passing index. AQ measures a person's ability to deal with / manage adversity, difficulty, and stress. Besides familiar metrics such as IQ (intelligence index) or EQ (emotion index), AQ is now considered one of the quantitative indicators of the qualities that make people successful.

Knowledgeable people accept themselves in adversity and actively seek a way out. They will find a way to handle every situation, regardless of the cause, instead of avoiding responsibility and blaming others and other factors.

In short, behind a "knowledgeable person" is an active acceptance of differences, knowing who he is in all matters of life, proactively finding good values for himself and society.