Corner of Sun *: "Is the server working well bro?"

That is the concern of the Infra brothers- those who are ready for OT weekends, even the night to ensure the network and server are working well, giving us 2 weeks of working remotely at home.

When did Infra Team plan to build a VPN system?

Before the company announced the 2 weeks working remote from 9/3 - 20/3, Infra had a plan to build a VPN system to make sure everyone can access the server when working from home. The team takes about 1 week and 2 days OT weekend to build the system. Luckily, his whole team tried their best to complete the work on time to ensure the time for the company to work remotely as well as avoid the OT at night, or else it will be so difficult. But in general, despite the fear of working OT, the team can try anything for the health of everyone.

During the remote time, did the whole Infra team have any difficulties?

Of course we did. The biggest difficulty is probably the urgent time with the need to build a huge load system for about 300-400 VPN users. Due to the feature of the work, many projects in the company cannot be done remotely, so Infra still arranges some people to stay in the office to support other people.

Looking at the team members who came to the company, I feel missing everyone and the office badly. Sitting at home and working remotely is very sad.

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