For Sun* female: "We are proud of you!"

On the occassion of Woman's Day, let us - the man share our thoughts...

It was a bit long ago...

I remember back in 2018 when a photo of model Lyndsey Scott with the caption: "This Victoria Secret model knows how to program!" appeared on Twitter. Immediately, a series of provocative, ironic comments appeared, like: "She only knows how to code the word “Hello world" !"

Instead of trying to retaliate for each malicious comment, Lyndsey Scott just wrote exactly ONE comment as follows:

Apparently, those who cyberbullied Lyndsey were "unbearable" when there was someone not only prettier than them (Lyndsey is an underwear model), but also better than them (she knows how to program). However, Lyndsey's comment also clarifies an ugly truth that:

No matter how beautiful a girl might be, if she works in engineering, she has to face male stigma and hostile attitudes almost every day. 

(See more here).

Bất kể nhan sắc thế nào, các cô gái làm việc trong ngành kỹ thuật phải đối mặt với thái độ kì thị và gây hấn (hostile) của nam giới gần như mỗi ngày. (Xem thêm tại đây).

In America, a country famous for such democracy and freedom, gender inequality is still an issue that cannot be absolutely resolved, leading to many different consequences, even the rise of feminazi (extreme feminism).

In Japan, a country that has risen to be a superpower in Asia, famous for its politeness and moral values, rituals, and the notion that men should rule over women not only still exist, but also put the burden heavy up woman. This concept forces them not only to successfully complete work at the office but also take care of and obey the husband, children, husband's family, ...

Gender discrimination also creates confusing actions such as the Liberal Democratic Party (Japan's current ruling party) "allows" five female members to participate in important meetings, as long as they do not speak anything during the meeting. More remarkably, this Party also sees this as "an improvement of gender inequality" compared to the past. (Reference source)

As a result, modern women choose to have a career instead of getting married, causing the birth rate in Japan to plummet, sending Japan into a crisis called 高 齢 少子 (the elderly outweighs the young).

A photo showing the situation of "gender" in Japanese political circles (Photo source: Japan Information)

As can be seen, the imposition of women is not a rare thing in the world even at present.

Returning to our lovely S-shaped land and back to 1000 years ago, I want to tell you the story of Ỷ Lan regent as follows:

In February of the year of Xi You (1069), Ly Thanh Tong went to fight Chiem Thanh himself. Before leaving, the king gave control of the crown to Nguyen Phi. During the battle, Thanh Tong found that he might not win this fight, so he retreated. When bringing troops back to Cu Lien (Tien Lu, Hung Yen), hearing that Nguyen Phi had done a great job of internal rule, the people were harmonious in a stable realm ... Thanh Tong said (deducted): "As a woman, Nguyen Phi could do that. As a man, why I could not?". After that, Thanh Tong came back to fight again and eventually captured the king of that country, Che Cu and 50,000 people.

The ancient times were like that, and in modern times, in the 1972 Paris Agreement, there was a signature by a Vietnamese woman - Ms. Nguyen Thi Binh. If you have watched the following clip, you will clearly see the talent and confidence of this woman while "dancing among wolves" including reporters and politicians of Western countries:


The above two stories are just two of many other examples, just to show:

Vietnamese women are not only talented, but they always shine and enroll in history whenever they are given that opportunity.

Ms. Naomi Kitahara (Chief Representative of the United Nations World Population Fund in Vietnam) must also acknowledge: “During 10 years of implementing the Law on Gender Equality, Vietnam has become one of the countries in Asia-Pacific has made a lot of progress. We have seen remarkable achievements in promoting women's rights and leadership, especially in the health and education sectors and through strengthening the legal and institutional framework”. (Reference)

Bà Naomi Kitahara (Trưởng đại diện Quỹ dân số thế giới Liên Hiệp Quốc tại Việt Nam) cũng phải nhìn nhận: “Trong suốt 10 năm thực hiện Luật Bình đẳng giới, Việt Nam đã trở thành một trong những quốc gia tại khu vực Châu Á - Thái Bình Dương đạt được nhiều tiến bộ. Chúng tôi đã nhìn thấy những thành tựu đáng kể về thúc đẩy quyền và sự lãnh đạo của phụ nữ, đặc biệt là trong lĩnh vực y tế, giáo dục và thông qua việc đẩy mạnh khung pháp lý và thể chế”. (Tham khảo)

Although gender equality in Vietnam is highly valued, it does not mean that we have the right to be proud and forget to strive harder. There are still many "one rotten apple spoils the barrel" out there, and the inequality still brings many tears. We, Vietnamese men, are also making every effort every day with the hope that women will be given more opportunities and "equal happiness".

Back to Sun* female...

Nowadays, we not only see talented "ladies" in great works of the country but also recognize them as "women of steel", who are successful in many fields and industries, including information technology - a profession that is inherently "misunderstood" to be for men only. Indeed, sisters in the IT industry, are like a perfect piece to make up for the shortcomings of us - "very talented yet flawed” men.

To me, speaking from my experience, the cautiousness and meticulousness of the females (usually QA) will be the perfect complement to the quick but ... a bit reckless thinking of the males in the team. Perhaps that is also the reason why Sun* has specially introduced benefits for female employees such as beautification benefits, Women Only policy (2.5 hours off per month without compensation), and an hour policy as a priority for women with under one-year-old children, ... Especially female employees at Sun* have a very high rate of returning to work after taking maternity leave. When talking to long-time female colleagues, they all admit that Sun* remuneration is partly the reason why they stay with the company for such a long time.

Accompanying with Sun*'s women's priority policies are also activities of each group and team to honor the ladies of IT industry on Woman’s Days ...

Or you can contemplate the latest photoshoot to celebrate International Women's Day from Sun* to see how happy and shining women in your company are!

>>> "Ladies" of Sun* family: Beautiful, talented with their angel babies”

For us - the men, having the opportunities to see the bright smiles of women in these days is like a great gift for a series of days of hard work to do "project" and then "release" successfully.

March 8th at Sun* in three regions

As in a family, both men and women are indispensable. If the father is strict and rational, the mother will be gentle and affectionate (also vice versa, like an arranged compensation) to together build family happiness. What we want more than anything else is that our sisters will always be happy every day as if it were Women's Day every day. Because a happy woman will spread a lot of positive spirits, encouraging you to complete projects no matter how difficult it might be.

Happy Women's Day! 

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