Happy for no reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out

What would it take to make you happy? A fulfilling career, a big bank account, or the perfect mate? What will happen if one day all of them leave you?

In the middle of adulthood, I bet many of us will fall down sometimes, even feel everything in our hands is disappearing. The first common reaction is always a depression, or disappointment, ... and then a series of negative feelings, covering your whole life. And "when every support is lost", people certainly fall into a depth of sorrow.

“Khi mọi điểm tựa đều mất”, con người ta chắc chắn không thể ngăn mình thôi rơi vào một vũng lầy buồn đau. (Nguồn ảnh: Internet)

However, every person will have a different way to face this problem of their own. Some struggle to find their support again to start a new life, some only need to grasp a small tree branch and quickly escape from the deep hole, then start happiness from small things.

“Happy for no reason” by Marci Shimoff has come up with a revolutionary concept of happiness. Trust me, after reading this book, you will find that happiness is not something far away and difficult to find. It is right here, inside each of us.

Is happiness real or not?!

This is the first question for most who begin to read this book. Through the book, you will learn the most basic way to maintain lasting and completed happiness set-point. The author's study shows that: each of us has a "happiness set-point" - a fixed range of happiness that's approximately 50 percent genetic and 50 percent learned. And in the 50% learned, only 10% of happiness bases on external and visible factors, such as material wealth, marriage status and work; The last 40% depends on people's thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.

Hạnh phúc không phải thứ gì đó xa xôi, hay trừu tượng, khó nắm bắt (Nguồn ảnh: Internet)

Therefore, happiness is not something far away, abstract, or hard to grasp. Happiness, on the other hand, is real, and we can take the initiative, little by little, to control our own happiness. And so, the book helps us change our minds and stop pursuing those values that we mistakenly think happiness, and begin to train for true happiness by forming and cultivating habit.

The author’s real experiences in life, as well as her studies, influence her view about happiness.

7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out

If it's just saying like you have to do this, you have to say that, or just how to be happy, maybe this book is just a normal self-help book. However, “Happy for no reason”  is more than that because the author has shown us 7 steps to build happiness from the smallest, closest things.

A holistic 7-step program at the heart of Happy for No Reason encompasses happiness habits for all areas of life: personal power, mind, heart, body, soul, purpose, and relationships. 

1. The foundation - Take ownership of your happiness

2. The pillar of the mind - Don't believe what you think

3. The pillar of the heart - Let love lead

4. The pillar of the body - Make your cells happy

5. The pillar of the soul - Plug yourself into spirit 

6. The roof - Live a life inspired by purpose

7. The garden - Cultivate nourishing relationships

The book only gives instructions for you to practice the habits and find balance and satisfaction yourself. And you will find the right method for you, to take ownership of your true and lasting happiness.

Bạn sẽ tự mình tìm ra phương pháp phù hợp với riêng mình, để sở hữu niềm hạnh phúc đích thực và bền lâu (Nguồn ảnh: Internet)

Review on S*Book

“Happy for no reason” is shared and reviewed by Vo Thi Loi (VEU) on the S* Book. She said:

“With Happy for No Reason, author Marci Shimoff has a revolutionary concept of happiness. While most books in this category are aimed at helping people find happiness from external factors, Happy for No Reason is focused on internal ones. As a result, you will find simple yet very effective methods to experience a new emotion - self-happiness - regardless of any negative external influences. I read the book when I was in a difficult time of life as every support almost left me! At that time, the book enlightened me on mindset, thinking, and almost helped me escape from depression and impasse - to become more positive and happier! ”.

Nguồn ảnh: Internet


Unlike normal self-help books, “Happy for no reason” shows us that every habit of our thoughts and actions can decide we happy or not. Therefore, instead of looking at external material supports and the "common standards" of society to think that we are "less happy", let's find our own happiness.

If you let go a little, you will have a little peace. If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace. If you let go completely, you will have complete peace.

The Venerable Ajahn Chah

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