Heartwarming story of how Sunners care for each other amidst the ‘remote season'

How to avoid feeling bored and lonely when working remotely? Let's listen to the secret of keeping the fire of the "Be A Team" spirit through an extremely interesting activity of Sun* Edu!

Working from home like this can easily make us feel down! We wonder what teams at Sun* do to encourage each other?

At Sun* Edu, in addition to organizing a game show to relieve stress for members, The "Culture of sending Kudo cards" is considered an indispensable ‘spiritual food’ and has become a daily habit of all Unit members.

If you don't know what Kudo is, check it out here!

Before that, Kudo was a relatively exciting activity of the Sun* Edu members while working at the office. However, when experiencing the "No Workplace" working format, and having little time to meet and chat face-to-face, Kudo becomes even more of a place for Unit members to easily send their personal messages. Through the intimate messages in the Kudo Card, Edu-ers can partly express the sharing, connection, mutual care, as well as spreading the positive spirit - something that is very necessary in this current remote working stage.

In addition, another special feature of the Kudo Box implementation is the Kudo Stars of the month!

Kudo Star is the person who received the most Kudo cards as well as sent the most Kudo cards that month. All efforts are well rewarded through Sun* Edu's Kudo Star award. Moreover, Kudo Star is also the one who shows the most apparent Sun*'s Be-A-Team spirit as well as has the most efforts and achievements recognized by everyone in the Unit.

Since working from home, although it is not possible to give the award directly, the members of Sun* Edu still honor Kudo Star through the form of online awarding with kind words on Chatwork, Google Meets....

There's even a commemorative plaque for Kudo Star!

My friend Minh Huyen - Kudo Star of the month shared: "Since using Kudo Card, I feel that our team is much more connected, everyone understands each other better and has gradually formed the habit of saying thank you. Our ancestors’ wise words are indeed correct, "A road where no one walks will be filled with weeds, long-time-no-see friends will become strangers", by sending Kudo to each other every week like this, our bond will only increase! What’s more, that fact that Kudo cards are kept in a box until it’s opened by the Admin in a new meeting is also the fun of using Kudo ^^"

Let's read some interesting Kudo Cards of Sun* Edu members!

Each Kudo card has a different story and is unique in each person's writing style. Minh Huyen with the emotional writing style of a Nam Dinh's girl, she always cares about the smallest things.
Or Nguyen Thuy B - known as Edu's writer because every Kudo card of hers is poetic, but sometimes, she has to use her sarcastic talent to send super cute messages for her trainees
Ly is one of the youngest Assistant Trainers at Edu, Ly always exudes the qualities of a young girl who is enthusiastic, passionate about her job, and always tries her best for everyone. Ly and Manh B's relationship is as beautiful as the eternal story of Dev and QA. And this is the Kudo Card that Ly sent to Manh B,
We wonder if Huong Chanh's trainees still remember their Trainer? She’s now back from studying abroad, everyone. Huong is still as pretty and cute as ever. She always writes beautiful words in her Kudo to send to everyone.
In Edu, Dat and Huyen always go together. Dat can be cold to the whole world, but not Huyen. "Dat's happiness is seeing Huyen every day", but during the pandemic, the two could only express their love via emotionless screens or Kudo Cards.
This is Edu's big sister, one of the Trainers who have received the most love and respect from Trainees. Because she always puts her whole heart into her work and her Trainees. And An in the Kudo picture is an Assistant Trainer Ruby - the younger brother that Ngoc chose to follow in her footsteps. Wish the Ruby sisters a lot of success!

You see, Kudo is simply like a commemorative box storing our stories with colleagues or encouraging messages for each other. Every time I re-read these Kudos, I feel that I love everyone more than anything and dispel all the fatigue to work harder together in the future.

Hopefully the teams will have one more interesting activity during the work-from-home period when using Kudo to keep the "Be A Team" fire and spread the love to everyone!

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