Meet the emerging "Hot TikTokers" of the Sun family*: Beautiful, talented and extremely trendy!

TikTok is currently one of the most popular social networking platforms, attracting the interest of young people around the world. Our Sunners also cannot escape the "magic" of TikTok and since then, many Sun* TikTokers have officially "debuted"!

Let's look at some golden faces of Sun*’s "emerging and soon-to-be-popular TikTokers"!

Profile of "TikToker" Ha Tran - CEV 02

- Relationship status: Still single!

- Leisure activities: Cooking, workout, “beautifying” myself and scrolling through TikTok for fun!

- Favourite trend on TikTok: The trend and hashtag #ONhaVanVui, because it conveys positive and optimistic messages during this pandemic.

- TikTok ID: @hatran169

- Favourite TikTok video ever posted: The video where I sang spontaneously and didn't follow any trend

- Time to make a TikTok video: It takes an average of more than 1 hour, but editing a video on TikTok is very fast.

- Favourite TikTokers: A lot, because they each cover an area of ​​interest on this platform. An example of comedy is definitely @LongChun, @Sunhuyn for self-improvement and @hoangyen for dance.

Profile of "TikToker" Minh Trang - CEV 03

- Relationship status: Single

- Leisure activities: Dancing, playing games, reading manga or watching anime

- Favorite trend on TikTok: The transformation trend of pretty girls

- TikTok ID: @amychimmie

- Favourite TikTok video ever posted: I like them all

- Time to make a TikTok video: 30 minutes of practice, 30 minutes of makeup and 30 minutes of filming

- Favorite TikToker: @ngoquangvux

Profile "TikToker" Vy Huynh - HRV 

- Relationship status: Completely Single

- Leisure activities: watching Run!BTS, watching movies, scrolling through TikTok, looking at handsome boys

- Favourite trend on TikTok: FANTASTIC D2M Story (Boombastic Remix), it sounds joyful!

- TikTok ID: @zyzy2504

- Favorite TikTok video ever posted: as long as I don't look fat in it, I like it!

- Time to make a TikTok video: with my laziness, usually 2 days

- Favorite TikTokers: BTS (@bts_official_bighit) and Bong Tim (@bongtim96)

Profile of "TikToker" Hang Nguyen - CEV 12

- Relationship status: on the way to find "real" love

- TikTok ID: @lunanguyen22

- Favourite TikTok video ever posted: the video below

- Time to make a TikTok video: Maybe an hour. A TikTok video is just a few seconds long, but I find making it very time consuming.

- Favourite TikTokers: A lot, most of which are funny ones

Profile of "TikToker" Xuan Vu - CEV 12

- Relationship status: I'm getting married (in the next 5 years)

- Leisure activities: listening to music, playing music, sitting alone

- Favourite trend on TikTok: I don’t follow trends, I like whichever that are related to music and the universe!

- TikTok ID: @lannkaxuanvu

- Favourite TikTok video ever posted: the one where I sing with my guitar

- Time to make a TikTok video: it takes 3 tries to make me look less ugly

- Favorite TikToker: Le Kim Quy Kiwi - Because I often have insomnia and this friend is a good-night expert

Profile of "TikToker" Hoang Loc - CEV 11 


- Relationship status: has a beautiful wife

- Leisure activities: dancing, since I don't have time to practice or go to shows anymore because of work, I decided to dance on TikTok.

- Favourite trend on TikTok: every trend related to dancing!

- TikTok ID: @tran.hoang.loc

- The most "interesting" TikTok video: a video for Sun*'s "Be Gone, COVID". I recorded only once and self-choreographed most of the moves. I eventually got put into Sun*’s video, but I'm the most out of place.

- Time to make a TikTok video: pretty fast, I just find a song with good bass and when I'm in the mood, I'll shoot a video.

This "TikToker" added: "Thanks to TikTok, I’ve learned many new things and absorbed a lot of weird knowledge. Instead of burying my face into my PC to play games for an hour, now I bury it on TikTok for 2 hours".

TikTok will be an ideal place for Sunners to do what we like freely and express ourselves in a creative way through dancing, singing or comedy.... I believe that with their "Think outside the box" power and their "superior" skills, Sun*’s TikTokers will make even more impressive videos!

Let's look forward to their future videos!

#Corner of Sun*