Meet Thien R&D and his 7749 astonishing methods at achieving goals

Thien of R&D is a person who is extremely thorough, meticulous and dedicated to his work. Nothing can escape Thien's eyes, even if it's a very small error, and especially, the set goal must be achieved. Let's meet this special individual!

Thien, born in 1990, is currently an employee working at Cyber Security Research - R&D Unit.

At work, Thien is famous for being careful and determined in everything he does. His research or bug bounty hunting activities are done very carefully. Because of that meticulousness, Thien was nicknamed the XSS Boss and the Report Boss.

Mr. Thien - The Report Boss as told in the legend of R&D Unit

Speaking of Thien, Mr. Anh Tien, Thien’s direct manager, said: “Thien is famous for his Justice Pao meme which he frequently uses as a payload to get as many bugs as possible. Bugs are scared to see Thien. What’s more, Thien is not afraid of hardship and is always learning as well as improving his knowledge. He had aimed to get many important certificates and he got them all. With his self-development goal in mind, Thien actively participates in teaching and training activities for devs/students, making a lot of good impressions.”

That is why the 2020 Sun* OKRs Star Award was given to this young man. Thien is known as a Sunner who has a unique way of setting goals, always devotes lots of enthusiasm to accomplish his goals and has impressive goal-achieving methods. In terms of the working progress, Thien is always the one who achieves the highest targets at the fastest pace, not only within the R&D Unit, and he’s also in the top of the Company.

For Thien, knowing what he himself needs, wants and how to achieve the set goals is very important. Thien always considers goals as his indispensable companion and thanks to this “friend”, he has gradually achieved certain success.

The 2020 OKRs Star of Sun*

According to Thien's experience, goals should not be whimsically set, only when you understand the importance of setting goals, or above all, when you are really comfortable and consider goals as an integral part of your daily and work life, will you be able to accomplish them in the most accurate manner.

"Before joining Sun*, I also had the habit of setting goals at work, but it was only to define the goals, not as clear and specific as goals at Sun*. Tracking the process of completing goals helped me form a direction to make appropriate adjustments as well as provide solutions when encountering problems." - Thien said.

When asked about the secrets to always "hit and win" in everything, Thien did not hesitate to share the whole set for everyone.

Check out some of Thien’s "secrets" in setting and completing OKRs in the most correct manner!

- Setting goals is good and necessary. However, the way in which the goals are achieved and the degree to which the goals are achieved are actually the most important.

- Don't set too many goals and then only accomplish a little bit of each. Instead, set important goals and complete each one based on their priority level.

- Accurately identify your capacity to set appropriate goals. When setting objective, you should increase the difficulty a bit to push yourself to try harder everyday.

Thien applies the 1% RULE in the process of implementing OKRs:

1.01^365 = 37.8 (1.01 to the power of 365)

0.99^365 = 0.03 (0.99 to the power of 365)

Try to apply this calculation in units of percentage of daily effort and progress.

- Determine which is the more important goal to prioritize and spend more time on.

- Closely track the progress to adjust the method and the implementation plan if the set goals are not implemented according to the plan.

Thien and his teammates always strive to turn goals into reality

For Thien, Sun* is a place that focuses on investing in human development, so here, he is like a "fish in water". Since the day he joined Sun*, all his development goals and orientations have come true.

"Sun* is a dynamic environment, with the spirit of product mastery, employees are also more cared for thanks to specialized teams. At Sun*, I can be myself, do the things I like and dedicate myself to the company. What's better than being yourself, promoting your abilities and still being able to balance your personal life? Sun* showed me that." - Thien shared.

With his unremitting efforts, Thien not only became the OKRs Star 2021 of Sun* but also achieved many goals such as completing the LPT - EC Council certificate (Certificate of experts in the cyber security field issued by the world leading cyber security organization). Moreover, he also owns bug bounties and is recognized by Sun* for achieving many personal achievements at work such as having many recognized contributions in the cyber security field (CVE, Exploit-db,...).

Following his success in OKRs in 2020, Thien's OKRs in 2021 focus on developing personal competence at work as well as improving professional skills. His set OKRs revolve around improving capacity, continuing to get more professional certificates and improving management ability to help him grow more in the future. His other KRs mainly focus on growing the team size, improving the competency and helping the team gain a good reputation in the eyes of customers and the cyber security community.

Wish Mr. Thien with his efforts and impressive thinking more and more development to create awesome values for customers and society with Sun*!

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