N.Tram - Giving up the dream of being a singer to become a programmer

"I used to hesitate when I had to choose between 'making music' and 'being a Dev'. Until one day, I realized that music and coding have similarities, and I can completely become a professional female developer and still be able to sing." - L.T.N. Tram, the "golden voice" of Sun* Da Nang shared.

Tram is a beautiful petite girl with an emotional singing voice. Everyone at Sun* Da Nang is infatuated and conquered by this talent of Tram. Singing is not only a talent, it is also a passion that has been nurtured in this girl for a long time. It was thought that with such passion, Tram would follow the path of performing arts. But no, Tram chose to be a Developer.

A girl with a captivating singing voice

Let’s go back in time a bit, back to Tram's childhood! Since kindergarten, Tram was taught how to play the piano and how to sing by her family. Thanks to her family, Tram entered the world of music. Later, her family also took her to dance classes and just like that, music came to Tram not only because of "destiny" but it was a passion that was “infiltrated” in her blood.

By middle school, Tram was passionate about music more than anything! At that time, this girl once had this thought: “How about becoming 'something' in the music world? I can't live without music, there's not a day that I can go without my headphones."

Music is an indispensable part of Tram's life

When she herself and everyone around her thought that Tram would really pursue music, she happened to fall in love with IT during an advanced course in middle school.

"At that time, I won a prize at the District-level Computer Science Competition, not to mention that my family also worked in engineering, so by then I had paid some attention to IT. Later, I found that music and IT are related to each other in some aspects. I was more interested and curious about the IT industry. And in the end, I decided to go into this industry. I took the A-grade exam and majored in IT. Everything just happened so naturally. And of course, I'm still passionate about art!" - Tram shared.

Always cherish the moments immersed in music

"Coding an application is like producing a song! They both aim to bring good value to the end users. Making music also requires a proper process and also encounters a lot of difficulties like creating a good application for users. So for me now, the energy spent for these two passions are equal." - Tram shared.

If before, Tram only felt intrigued by the image of developers typing fast, making one website after another and looking very "cool", now Tram has a more realistic view of the profession that requires extreme care and flexibility of the mind.

"During the period of studying and working in the IT industry, I realized that there were many difficulties. However, through those hardships, I also obtained many skills and experiences in both work and life. For example, from knowing how to manage and arrange work properly, I now know how to manage my life, take care of my family, friends and myself more." - Tram said.

The current stylist female developer

Step by step, trying to develop into a professional developer, Tram always tries non-stop to improve her capacity and has set the goal of becoming a trainer in the future. Although it has not been easy, the little girl never intended to give up. With her life motto of "Think positively, live positively, and act positively", it is believed that Tram will accomplish this goal soon!

Tram added: "The working environment at Sun* is quite open so that everyone can develop themselves and have more opportunities to fulfill their other passions. Therefore, in addition to time spent on coding and research, I can still pursue music, learn to play the guitar, and learn how to make music. I'm excited to participate in every company concert. Actually... I feel like I'm bad at singing, I just sing a lot!"

Tram is currently the main vocalist of Music Club at Da Nang Office

Sunners can "verify" to see if our girl is really "bad at singing" as she said HERE!

Being a developer is difficult, being a female developer is even more difficult. However, just bravely pursuing and walking with your head held high on the path you choose and doing so without regrets is already a very honorable thing!

We wish that Tram will always keep her love and passion for coding, as well as making music. We also hope that all of Tram's dreams will soon come true.

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