Sunners’ “red zone” diary

How are the Sunners living in the "COVID-19 red zones" of Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City? Let's find out with Sun* News reporter!

The red zones are the areas with very high risk of COVID-19 outbreak. In the past few days, for many Sunners living in these red zones, there must have been certain changes in their daily life. The pace of life of Sunners here is slowing down and has become quieter during the strict lockdown due to the complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is panic and anxiety. But after all, they still keep an optimistic and positive spirit to turn the red zone into the green zone together, trying to bring their lives back to normal. Let's chat with Sunners living in the "red zones" to see how their lives are going!

Thanh Nhan - CEV07

Just the night before, my area was still a green zone, but overnight it became a red zone. I was worried at first, but the area I lived in was supported by volunteers and we were arranged to have a quick test to urgently locate the virus source, so I felt somewhat reassured.

Normally, our neighbors often gather around and have small chats. Since the start of the pandemic, we started a Zalo group to chat online. In addition, we also set up a stall specializing in collecting and buying produce in the commune, where anyone who wants to buy can come, collect the goods and drop money into the box. Not only helping the farmers in the commune sell their goods, but also providing food for the people. Profits from this stall will be used to contribute to the commune's anti-COVID fund.

Everyone is anxious and scared, but thanks to days like these, I can see the love of the village and the extremely warm love between people in the same hometown.

Due to this pandemic, everyone has to stay at home, but because of that, our family can have meals together after a long time, and I myself have more time to spend with my family. Normally, my mother sells goods at the market, and my father also goes to work, so except for Tet, most of the time, our family can only have dinner together. But "thanks" to the pandemic, now we have three meals as a whole family. In the morning, my mother makes noodles. At noon, my father calls me down for lunch. In the afternoon, sometimes, when I am in a meeting, my mother brings me a bowl of che or a plate of fruit. And at 5:30 pm everyday, I can already smell the cooked rice. I can have dinner as soon as I finish work. After dinner, the whole family watches the news, movies, plays cards or Parcheesi...

During the pandemic, there are no meetings with friends, no eating out, but I am having "strange" but happy experiences, and I will also cherish these days - the anti-COVID days that I spend with my family.

My Dung - CEV12

I think that an overall view of the current pandemic situation can worry everyone. But there’s no use in being worried and anxious, so instead, just stay optimistic and fight the pandemic together.

Ever since my living area turned into a red zone, I've actively cleaned my house more often, had regular COVID tests, monitored the pandemic developments daily and fully complied with state regulations.

I don't have to worry about being bored at home, because I have made many new friends in the same apartment block. Everyone shares food, vegetables, lemons and chili peppers. It feels affectionate, and I can see exactly why our grandparents taught us to “buy” close neighbors. The hostess takes care of ordering, registering, buying things and then dividing them into each room, taking care of everyone as if they’re her family. Everyone supports each other in this difficult time, making me realize that even though I am isolated and staying at home a lot, I never feel lonely.

Personally, every day I still work regularly, I still talk to my colleagues and update the situation as well as encourage everyone. I water the plants every afternoon. If it rains, I’ll chill with a cup of coffee and watch the series “Hospital Playlist”. And on weekends, I invite friends to chat and have a drink online.

I do sometimes feel bored and sad, because I’ve been home too long, but then I think about how I’m still breathing fresh air and how I’m working. It is the happiest state in life, there’s nothing that makes me afraid or want to complain!

Tien Thanh - CEV02

When I first heard about the red zone, I was a bit confused. Since then, going to the market or traveling around have become much more complicated and almost limited.

Compared to other situations in frontline areas like Saigon, in general, my family and I, still feel fortunate. Even though we’re being isolated, our life has not been affected too much. More importantly, everyone’s mental state is still good, because we get to spend more time together. During this time, I can spend more time with my family and for myself. I have more time to play with my children, for example ^^

Xuan Mai - CEV14

At first, my area had some F0 cases, then a few dozen and now the number is up to 3 digits, so regarding my feelings at that time - I was really scared and worried because my family have elderly people and children. The pandemic is very complex and is spreading quickly. In addition, since the city implemented social distancing, it is difficult to go to the market or buy essential goods. There were times when I was really confused because I didn't think I had to go through such a long lockdown, but now that everything is better (aside from the increasing number of cases), I'm much more stable mentally.

Fortunately, everyone in my neighborhood is very supportive of each other, everyone often reminds each other to abide by 5K. Because we live in an isolated area, whenever we’re given supplies, everyone always shares. Though it could not be much, everyone has their own slot, the owner of the inn has reduced the rent since the start of the pandemic, and gave us rice or food...

Faced with the current tough situation, our family reminds each other to eat our meals, do light exercise together to improve our health. I like to have store-bought snacks but I have not been able to since the start of the pandemic. So I go into the kitchen to make all kinds of dishes and ask my family to be the judge. In general, everyone remains optimistic and hopes that the pandemic will pass quickly so that everyone can return to their previous lives.

Nguyen Thuy B - VEU

From the day of the 16th directive, the whole neighborhood implemented social distancing. It was indeed really sad, the children no longer ran out to the alley to play like before. Our forefathers have a saying "Sell a distant brother, buy a close neighbor", which is not wrong. During this pandemic, we can really see how the village and neighbors’ bonds are. My family does not grow any vegetables or raise anything, so sometimes our neighbors give us vegetables and eggs.

The pandemic is very intense so the whole family can’t go anywhere and becomes really bored. We crave the feeling of wandering around the streets. Thanks to the baby, the family is always joyful. Grandparents are always busy with their grandchildren. Since we have the baby’s grandparents at home, we have more time for work. The pandemic is indeed dangerous, now we don’t wish for anything but health and that the pandemic will pass quickly.

Anh Duong - CEV06

My family and neighbors were all confused and scared when our residential area turned into a "red zone". It felt like we’d shifted from friendly greetings to suspicion and then wariness. Then everyone was startled by one word: carelessness.

I have never felt the virus so close to me. The courtyard now only has a police officer sitting there to guard and houses have been locked with 2 layers of doors. Even with the mandatory task of taking out the garbage that requires people to get out of the house, everyone must be careful so as not to bump into each other. Everyone has become so careful. The chat boxes of the area “explode” continuously to warn people of violations and update the situation of F0, F1... and also wish and encourage each other to overcome difficulties. I also talk about memories and old stories filled with abundant village love with the same people who if met in real life, I may not even know who they are or how to start a conversation. Everyone gets to know each other and gather together in a more civilized way: no physical touch.

For me, family seems to become closer together when everyone is busy with housework. The children's online learning is much busier. The whole family must mobilize phones, tablets, laptops to be able to get them enough equipment for exams. Although it’s confusing and stressful, I’ve learned more about the reality of what they have to go through every day. On normal days, I just let them go to school, but staying at home to monitor and guide them like these days, I can clearly see their ability and their understanding.

Just like the core value "Be Optimistic" of Sun* which I now deeply understand:

  • Don't overthink
  • Think about good things
  • See things from different perspectives
  • Believe in yourself, believe in the organization
  • Always think of success

Quang Linh C - CEV09

I am right in the middle of the Van Mieu - Hanoi epicentre, initially it was a green zone, but after the number of cases skyrocketed, it turned red and got blocked. The first few days, I was very shocked, but gradually I got used to it. Everyday, I just stayed at home and hoped the virus wouldn't come because the neighboring alleys were already full of F0s.

In the blockade area, everyone feels worried because we do not know who among us has been infected and the daily rhythm of life is also affected, we become dependent in terms of food. The positive thing is that the police officers and volunteers here are working hard everyday to deliver food to the people, but because of the lack of human resources, the food delivery is still very slow. Recently, the situation has improved when the number of F0 cases recorded here has decreased gradually. Today, the people in my alley took the 4th test, fortunately, no one has been infected yet.

Currently, my family bought a lot of food before the blockade, so food supply is not a problem. We are trying to best protect ourselves by staying at home and only going out for testing and getting vaccinated. Until now, I just hope that the blockade order will soon be lifted and the pandemic will be gone.

(Photo: An ninh thủ đô & Kenh14)

Ngoc Hoai - CEV05

I live in Vinhomes Greenbay which is located in the red zone, and must be strictly isolated from 00:30 of August 27. To be honest, compared to the past, my family's life has not changed too much, aside from the fact that going to the market to buy food is now more or less limited. Before, when it was in the green zone, we used to go to the market once to get food for the whole day. Now we usually order food once every two days through the UboFood app, and they deliver our order to the door. So we almost don't have to go anywhere.

From the start of the pandemic until the start of stricter isolation, in my family, everyone takes up a task to help each other. When working, each person has a corner, but when cooking, both the husband and wife get in the kitchen together, making the atmosphere of the family always happy and optimistic.

Ngoc Man - CEV12

Since our area was isolated, my life and the surrounding neighbors’ have met many difficulties such as the lack of food. But because of that, I can deeply feel the love of the village. People help each other order food and vegetables while still ensuring the 5K regulations to prevent the spread.

I live with my younger brother, so I have someone to talk to and get encouragement to overcome this difficult period. Because of the pandemic, we talked more and called home more often than usual.

Recently, I read an article about COVID-19. I would like to quote a passage as follows: "Gradually during the anti-COVID process, people all saw many very strange cases. There are people who live in the same house, but one got sick while the other did not: the husband is tested positive, the wife is still tested negative, a mother is tested positive, while the 8-month-old child, who is being breastfed, is tested negative. Many people explain that they tested negative because the virus is still being incubated, in a few days they will be tested positive. This virus seems to choose who to...infect? ​​It's not contagious in the way that doctors and scientists have always understood viruses."

You see, even vaccinated people are not completely immune. The number of Covid cases in the US skyrocketed again despite the US vaccination rate very quickly reaching above 50% with Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. So the awareness factor is the most important because there is currently no medicine that can cure it. Let's think more positively, consider this as a quiet period in your life. Consider it a time when we can learn many things, learn how to live well on our own, learn to live alone,...

Thanh Hai - VEU

Currently, my place is still in the danger zone. From the beginning of the blockade until now, I was continuously informed to take samples for testing. Sometimes there are samples of suspected infection, so the medical staff have to go back to get new samples. Every time I see a medical staff member coming, I feel quite scared because I don't know if I am one of those suspected samples or not. But luckily there I’m not. Until now, instead of panicking, my family and I have started to return to normal.

Since the village was blocked into the red zone, everyone's life in the area has been turned upside down in terms of work, daily life, etc. After hearing the news of the blockade, everyone obeyed it and stayed at home. I think a positive thing is that neighbors are always ready to support each other. People who buy items to reserve, share with others or re-sell them at the original price. The leader of the neighborhood where we live is also very enthusiastic and very caring. He provides food for households, especially those less fortunate in the area, or goes to every house to get people to get tested. Hopefully, the pandemic will soon pass so that the area will no longer be in a blockade and life will return to a normal and beautiful state like before.

It's wonderful that nothing can dampen the optimism of Sunners, even when the virus is so close to them. This article partly gives us an overview of the slow but active life of our colleagues in dangerous areas due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the current pandemic situation, whether you are in the blockade areas or in safe green zones, please stay really strong and take good care of your health, abide by the 5K regulations to join hands in the fight against the pandemic, and soon return to our normal life!

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