Sunners’ "verbal war": In love, what is more important, look or personality?

During the break between the intense "rounds" of the project, let's watch Sunner debate about a topic that has never been less ‘hot’ in love stories!

When you first meet a guy/girl, will you be captivated by someone with good look or someone with an interesting personality?

Sun* News did a "random interview" to find out the Sunners’ views on this matter and received 2 completely opposite opinions, divided into 2 "sides": LOOK and PERSONALITY.

Look is important in love

I admit that looks are the first foundation to help men and women attract the other half, especially in the first meeting. Men who know how to take care of their appearance are not necessarily handsome men, with six pack abs or sunny smiles. Having their own “vibe” and the necessary neatness is enough to create a so-called good look.

Unique vibes create attractiveness. Neatness shows respect for yourself and others. As our lives go by faster and faster, there's not enough time to get to know all the people we come across. If you have not had the opportunity to know each other beforehand, a man with good looks and polite behavior is still much more attractive.

One of my favorite slogans is "Love yourself first before you love someone else"! Only if you love your body can you love others. Therefore, in love, it is very important to take care of yourself to have an energetic appearance. Don't guys say: The only gift I can give you is me. So be a carefully wrapped gift, not a patchy one, no matter how beautiful inside!

Huyen Le - CSM CEV 13

Certainly good looks will attract more attention because I think liking beauty is instinctive, only a very rare few are impressed by people’s personalities (which as far as I know, is a rare syndrome - not disease).

Beautiful appearance will make love more fulfilling. For me, I don't require too much beauty (like a hot girl or a beauty queen), she just needs to be beautiful in my eyes! However, there is no denying the fact that good looks are not the main factor in making love last.

"Mysterious" Kien

Appearance to me is not just the face but everything related to appearance. It is impossible to guess their true personality in the first meeting, so it takes time. But if they know how to take care of themselves, they will leave a good impression.

In my opinion, in love, appearance is important because personality can be difficult to change and each person has a personality, no one is naturally suitable for anyone. But the appearance is different, just make a little effort, spend time practicing hard, know how to take care of yourself, you will become more beautiful. People who know how to love themselves, they will also know how to love others, I believe so!

Hai Nam - CEV 01

Only personality can attract me!

Beauty is a kind of power, this is absolutely true. Not only in love, all relationships in work and life will go more smoothly, easier to create good impression with others if you are a good-looking person. However, time and reality have proven: appearance is not everything and not everyone is important, especially when it comes to love.

People with good personality and content will be more attractive than people with good looks. Especially for intelligent and skillful people, the way they behave with the crowd around them will radiate their beauty.

In love, it is not true to say that appearance is not important, but it does not make up the majority of love. Besides, each person has their own preferences, some people find this person beautiful, others find them ugly, people just fall in love with whoever they find beautiful. But it is important to know how to take care of yourself and be aware of your own shortcomings to change. As long as you are not the "ugly but think you're beautiful" style and don't take care of yourself or the "beautiful but don't take care of yourself", both won't work.

Tran Vu - CEV 11

Everyone is attracted to beauty. Of course I don't deny it, so in the first meeting, someone with good looks will have a better charm. However, that only stops at the first seconds. In the next few minutes, I will ignore the appearance and evaluate the personality of that person to decide whether to "run away" or not.

In my opinion, when in love, appearance is important in different stages. When you first fall in love, appearance may be slightly more important, but when you are in a relationship for a long time and have deep feelings, it’s the personality that is important. Thi No will also turn into Hang Nga!

Quoc Viet - CEV 11

In my opinion, appearance is not as important as personality and soul. Because people with a beautiful soul always attract others with their actions and communication. From there, they will exude the "beauty" of the soul, of the intellect... and this is much more attractive than a beautiful appearance.

Thuy Nguyen - CEV 09

If it's just looking at the face, of course, good looks will be more impressive. As for talking, I'm still more impressed by people with interesting personalities.

In love, appearance is indispensable, but it is still placed behind personality. In my opinion, one of the manifestations of a good character is taking care of and loving yourself, besides caring and helping others.


Trong Đat - CEV 14

In the first meeting, good looks will of course make an impression on you first. However, after the process of interacting and feeling, a good personality will leave a much deeper impression and attraction!

As for myself, in love, looks are important, but it's not everything. If my appearance is not good, I will be very self-conscious even though the other person says "looks are not important to me" because "Boys fall in love thanks to their eyes". Maybe you were born without good looks, but you also have to know how to present yourself neatly and decently.

As for the other person, for me, appearance is only a part, while personality accounts for a larger part. Only a good character can create a long-term relationship, and I am a person who always hopes to have such a love story.

Although I insist that looks are important in love, everyone please relax because everyone has a different view of beauty! Like Thi No, she is also a beautiful person, because she found herself a Chi Pheo that only costs her a bowl of onion porridge!

Thu Giang - CEV 01

The truth is, "in love, there is nothing but love!" And the basis of that love comes from each person’s type.

There is no wrong or right, as long as your heart flutters, right?

Let us know your opinion!