Sunners’ way to “turn up the heat” in love during the pandemic

They must stay home and can't meet each other. What do lovebirds do to "keep the flame" in long-distance relationships? Let's see how our Sunners are dating virtually!

Unable to hang out together, saying goodbye to warm hugs to accept the life of a long-distance relationship. Having to temporarily put aside their longingness till the end of the pandemic, for  long-distance couples, this is a long and challenging period. So how do our Sunners face that problem and how do they overcome the emotional ups and downs?

Yêu xa khó lắm người ơi 
Những lúc nhớ nhung biển khơi cũng như khô cạn!  

It’s been 7 months and 19 days since I last met my girlfriend, so we can’t take care of each other as thoroughly as when we’re together. However, our love remains strong! Day by day, we’re still caring, we still talk to each other about the joy and hardship of the day through messages and overnight video calls. That is enough to make us happy. My girlfriend is in Japan right now, so for me, seeing her face is enough, it doesn’t matter what we talk about!

If the pandemic ends and I can meet her again, I hope that we can watch movies, listen to music, go backpacking and travel together. There are so many things I want to do with her, it's hard to list them all!

Phan Nhan - CEV 13

We haven’t seen each other for 3 weeks now, ever since the city went into lockdown. Before lockdown, we saw each other almost everyday so at first, it was strange and we missed each other very much. We gradually get used to it and encourage ourselves to try a little more, as we will meet when the pandemic ends!

Unable to see each other in person, the only way for us is to text and facetime each other. Before, because we met every day, we rarely texted, but since lockdown, we talk and video call each other almost every day. We tell each other everything, from nonsense in showbiz, movies, football, music to when will the pandemic end and even learning how to code....

We plan ahead where to go and what to do when the pandemic ends, so we can feel more excited and motivated. But the thing we want to do the most is going out to have a big meal, at Meat Plus or Haidilao or something, because it’s been such a long time since we’ve eaten out together!

Ngoc Ha - CEV 07

I haven't seen my boyfriend for the last 3 weeks, so it hasn't been long enough to have an effect on both of us. We still maintain daily facetime sessions and texting.

We tell each other about our day, or if there is anything new at work, complain to each other about not being able to go out, about just sitting at home and working. We watch movies together on weekends. Actually, we just leave facetime there and watch a movie together, but it’s fun enough!

Frankly, we talk about very mundane stuff, like what to eat, what to do today, you can still get shipped stuff from Shopee, the crave for hot pot, going out,... But it must be that it’s my boyfriend I’m talking to so we can talk about everything every day. It’s only because he’s my boyfriend, normally I wouldn't care how someone else's day goes!

As soon as the pandemic is over, we will travel together. We have booked tickets for Da Lat and Nha Trang since my birthday in April, but we have to postpone the tickets since then!

Huyen Chi - HRV

I don't even remember the last time I was in a long-distance relationship, it must have been such a long time! The current long-distance situation does not affect my feelings and my girlfriend’s at all! In a long-distance relationship, instead of letting it cool down and then warming it back up, we often actively find many ways to maintain our relationship.

Currently, we both have our personal work life so we take time to talk to each other in the evening or we watch movies together, if we’re bored we’d play some games together… In brief, we must keep and fuel the flame of love day by day.

In the past, we did text from morning till night, but now it's different! Since we work during the day, we will talk to each other in the evening, but via video call, not texting. After the pandemic is over, I will first run to my girlfriend before deciding what we’d do. We can do whatever, as long as I'm with my girlfriend.

Thanh Loc - CEV 14

My boyfriend’s house is 2km away from mine, but due to the pandemic, we haven’t seen each other for over a month now. A long distance relationship does not affect our feelings that much. We always give each other personal space, we only text and video call each other to complain and confide when we miss each other too much.

For us, the way to "warm up our love" lies in the fact that both of us always try to interact with each other as much as possible. If we are busy or have our own things, we must respect each other and give each other time. And in our free time, we often text and chat to see how each other's day is, to see if we’re sick or happy or sad.

For example, we facetime each other every night, we don’t talk, but seeing each other's faces is enough for us. Sometimes we also come up with jokes to make each other laugh. There are also times when we quarrel, but we call each other to talk about the problem, laugh together and then make up right away.

In my opinion, caring about each other, talking about nonsense, sending each other funny clips, telling each other about ‘dramas’ is fun enough! We also became each other's alarms. In the morning I remind him to take his medicine, at night he reminds me to go to bed early. Whenever I cook, I take pictures to send him, and when he’s working, he sends me pictures....

Dieu Linh - HRV

Long-distance relationships are not hard, as long as we have our loved ones in our hearts, time and distance will not be a problem at all. We wish Sunners who are and will be in love happiness to get through this trying time with your loved ones!