Surprising past of many Sunners, before pursuing an IT career at Sun*

Who said that majoring in IT is the only way to get an IT career? There are Sunners who “switch gears”, choosing IT in a very brave way to pursue and achieve certain successes on their career path. Let's read through the interesting stories of these Sunners of the Sun family*!

There will be nothing to discuss here if you major in IT and are now a programmer. But there are people who, even though they know that IT is a very difficult field, are still determined to "switch" just because of their passion. Most of them are people who like numbers, like to think logically and creatively, and they’ve met good "signs" of a destined career. All of which are enough for them to become determined to pursue IT.

At Sun*, many Sunners have very different beginnings which are almost irrelevant to this profession. But now, they are all bright stars of the company and have accompanied Sun* to create good values for the community.

Let's learn about their story with Sun* News!

Tuan Thinh - From an Economics student to an iOS Programmer

Previously, I was an International Economics student at Hanoi Foreign Trade University. When I first entered university, I quickly realized that I was not suitable for this major, of course it was not because the major was not interesting, or lack of challenge, it was simply based on how I felt.

I’ve tried many professions during university and even after graduation, but never found a career that really gave me the feeling that I wanted. During my most depressing period, I thought of the old days. When I was in high school, when I learned Pascal programming at school, I felt very happy. It was the only subject that when I came home, I wanted to read books and learn more by myself.

I searched online for programming materials and started trying. After a while, I found myself interested in IT. I like the feeling of sitting and just coding, I like the feeling of satisfaction after coding a function or solving a difficult problem. I feel like I can spend a whole day on this job without getting bored. And in the end, I decided to quit my old job and switch to being a programmer.

"I like the feeling of sitting and just coding, I like the feeling of satisfaction after coding a function or solving a difficult problem."

Difficulty for people like me, perhaps lies in finding a job. The demand for human resources in the IT industry is high, but because I’m not in the industry from the beginning, I didn’t know how to measure my qualifications. Whenever I finished learning a new technology and thought that I was ready to work, my knowledge was still deemed lacking by IT recruiters in the market. Although I dived into learning a lot of things, I still felt like I was just hanging around in a circle that I'd created myself.

And when I got a job with a living wage, the first period was of course strange, but for me, it gave me a very passionate feeling. When I have a specific job, I can focus on an issue without being all over the place like before. Over time, I also gradually understood the industry better, since then my confidence also increased.

So, if you're also thinking of getting into IT, try to find your first job as soon as possible. Because I believe, when we really go to work, we can be considered to have really entered the industry. After entering the industry, you can be like me, have a completely different perspective than when you were still studying, helping create a clearer personal orientation. And if you decide to switch to IT, do it if you really like coding, like computers, like to make products, not because you think this industry worth a lot of money, has light workload with a high salary.

Thanh Dat - From a Finance student to a Backend Developer

Previously, I graduated from the Academy of Finance - Faculty of Finance and Banking. I even worked as an accountant for 2 years for a few companies.

After working for a while, I understood myself better and felt that I needed to seriously rethink which profession I am suitable for. I learn about many professions by reading books and consulting people who have experience. Among those professions, there is the IT industry, because since childhood, I have been interested in programming and math. I taught myself Pascal in 7th grade as a pastime during the summer vacation. When I saw the three circles of the "hedgehog" in Jim Collins’ book - "Good to Great" , I knew it was a solid theoretical basis for decision making: the intersection between the circle of competence, passion, and economic factors. For myself, the final answer is simply Software Developer.

The decision to switch to IT, for me, was not one that has no difficulties. From professional knowledge, sensitivity of the profession and the skills needed in the job, I had to gradually learn and improve by myself. Because I thought that, after I had decided to switch careers, difficulties were inevitable and those were the problems I had to overcome, the only difference was that I needed more time and resources.

Remember, changing career is an important decision, consuming a lot of resources in terms of time and finance. Take it seriously and have a plan to prepare for it. There are winners and losers in every profession. The profession basically is not the determining factor, but the combination of you and that profession is. You need to know enough about both the industry and yourself. And to get to know yourself better, you need experience. Try before making a final decision as well as find many ways to maximize your first-hand experience with the job position you desire.

In addition, talk and consult with many people, including those who are in the IT industry and those who have left the IT industry. Ask the question: "Why did they leave the IT industry?" - "Will I leave like them one day?"

And if you're ready for IT, find a way to Go Fast - go faster in this field by learning from a mentor, this will help you access knowledge as well as the workflow, culture of a company you are applying for a lot faster. Also, start with small goals first. If you find new knowledge difficult, read the Vietnamese document first, then read the official document in English. Vietnamese documents provide quick and easy access, English documents give you more insight and comprehensive understanding.

Huyen My - From a Corporate Finance student to a QA

I studied Corporate Finance, but started at Sun* with the position of a Data Input. However, after a while, the client paused this Data Input task at Sun*. So, after 2 years of working, I had to face a job change. At that time, I was very worried, like I had a stable, suitable job, and suddenly I had to change. And so I chose to become a QA.

At that time, I had to work on many projects but I didn't have a solid base so I always felt confused and I was so stressed that I just wanted to quit. In fact, I was going to resign, but at that time, the COVID pandemic started and there were many unfavorable things, so I decided to stay. And having no other choice, I was forced to change my fear and adapt to the new job, gradually approaching new knowledge. I found it not as difficult as I thought. I also received the leader’s enthusiastic instructions and frequent “scolding” so I gradually got used to it and did well at the new job. So far, although I still have many shortcomings, I feel that QA is a very interesting job, making me become more careful and multi-dimensional. What’s more, I now have a very clear development orientation.

Thinking back, I was a bit "reluctant" about the change at the time, but it was really valuable to me. It's a pity I didn't accept that change sooner. It is true that in a world where everything is constantly changing, the only way to have stability is to keep changing.

Ngoc Man - From an Irrigation Construction Student to a Backend Developer

Previously, I was an Irrigation Construction student at Da Nang University of Technology.

For me, it isn’t destiny, it’s just that, one fine day, I felt that I no longer love and I was no longer passionate about the construction industry, so I plan to switch. When I first turned to this industry, I was a bit overwhelmed because everything was new. The most difficult thing was the perseverance to pursue the industry, because at that time I was both working in construction and studying IT. Difficulties and confusion are inevitable. It is also more difficult when applying for a job because I was also older than IT students who had just graduated, I lacked knowledge and skills and was not professionally trained from the starting point.

Instead of giving up when it’s too hard, if you are also switching to IT like me, set goals and be really determined. Don't switch the industry according to the trend or a whim!

You see, it is not difficult to choose to stay in the IT industry, even if in the past, your starting point was not in this industry. If you are passionate enough and you love the profession, surely, your choice is right. Be persistent with your decision, study and improve yourself to  develop more and more in this field!