Top 5 most reviewed book on S*Book in June

Which books were the most reviewed by Sunners in June? Let's find out about 5 books that are leading in the number of reviews on S* Book!

Cristiano and Leo: The Race to Become the Greatest Football Player of All Time- Jimmy Burns

This book is translated into Vietnamese by translator Tran Minh from the English version of Cristiano and Leo: The Race to Become the Greatest Football Player of All Time. According to the publisher, author Jimmy Burns was inspired to write this book by the controversial question: "Ronaldo and Messi, who is better?".

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“Has anyone ever known that Ronaldo almost did not exist in this world when his mother was determined to terminate when she was pregnant !? How did the seniors at Manchester United treat Ronaldo during his first days at Old Trafford !? Or how skinny and sick Messi was struggling with growth hormone deficiency !? And why Messi became "the national shame"! ?? All the above questions will be revealed by author Jimmy Burns through the insights of the insiders in the most honest way with very profound comments from the author ... ”

- Trần Đức Trung - 

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The Brain: The Story of You - David Eagleman

This is an interesting science book that takes readers into the world of billions of brain cells, neurons, electrochemical impulses, etc. With easy-to-understand scientific language and illustrative examples of empirical studies around the world, the author has provided a lot of interesting new insights that readers will surely admire.

The book will lead us to each station to answer a series of questions about the brain. If given a score, this book deserves 9/10. Even if you know nothing about biology, you can read and understand 80% of the book. Maybe that’s why it was chosen by many Sunners.

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You are a person who likes to explore material and world - the book "The Brain: The Story of You?" will enlighten your brain itself about the development, synchronization, and differences of the human brain compared to animals. The way our brains receive and process the flow of external information ... Do we decide our own actions, or is everything just the result of a series of receiving, processing, remembering information of our brain...

- Nguyễn Minh Đức D -

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Let It Be Easy: Simple Actions to Create an Extraordinary Life - Tolly Burkan 

"Let It Be Easy: Simple Actions to Create an Extraordinary Life" is a very good book of Tolly Burkan that attracts readers. After reading this book, many readers took the maxim "Let It Be Easy" as a guideline for themselves to live simple. The book also received many compliments from the Sunners. 

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Whether your life is heaven or hell, you are still the creator of your own life. If you always struggle with financial problems, relationships, health and career, your life is a hell. But as long as you learn how to let it be, life can be a paradise. If your life is stressful, boring, or messing, it's a sign you're missing something essential, and you're allowing yourself to stop growing. Let it be easy will give you the basic framework to look back on yourself and find the missing pieces. Self-development is an ongoing process. As long as you live, you can grow up. During that developing process, you, the pearl, will shine more and more ... until you are gone.

- Nguyễn Ngọc Chi -

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Vietnam customs

This is also a book worth reading. There's no way that a good book could have survived nearly a century and is still appreciated today. Reading Vietnamese customs, you will see a soul, an old writer Phan Ke Binh with a love for the motherland and its people, see how people have been through thousand years of history. After reading the book, the readers can feel national pride burning in their chests.

For that reason, this book is in the top 5 most favorite and reviewed books on S* Book.

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Such an impressive book with attractive content, engaging readers with many customs and traditions of ancient Vietnam that today's young people should learn.

- Nguyễn Thị Nết - 

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Ignore Everybody

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Think Positive!!!!

The name of this book already makes us think of the 4th core value of the company ... In modern life, there is a lot of pressure from family, study, work and countless "disturbances" from the outside, especially the booming era of social networks. If we do not think positively, ignore the unimportant things, life will be very difficult and get stuck. Ignore everyone, live for yourself, and give the best to your loved ones!!!

- Phạm Quang Định - 

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Above are the top five most reviewed books in June. Hopefully, Sunners will find good books to keep up the reading habit in the future.

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