What will we miss the most about 2020 later on?

Later, when someone asked about my 2020, I would say, it is a year of courage to deal with myself, with big issues, to be able to grow up and be stronger.

These days, COVID has returned ...

And so, the kids can't get a full summer vacation, many workers are struggling because of job losses, job cuts, salary cuts, businesses, shops shut down, tourism freezes. ... Those who are lucky to have jobs like me just want to finish the job quickly to come back home early. The handshakes, greetings with colleagues gradually become luxurious...

These days, the city lacks smiles. There is some unwillingness when looking at each other. We look at each other through an expressionless mask, the smell of hand sanitizer, the thermometers, the news with an increasing number of cases each day, and hurried footsteps back home are everywhere.

Source: Internet
Source: Internet

Checking social networks, it is not difficult to see a lot of photos or status worrying about the future - a difficult time caused by the epidemic or a prospect of a dark future for children who have not been born yet. 

And so, people even joke: "The rich are living slowly and the poor are dying slowly!" 

Is this what we will face in the new decade? A decade of hope or a decade of pain? 

But no matter what, the wonderful thing that remains is the humanity in this world. In our country, even though we are going through growing difficulties, we are always proud of the resilience and unanimity of strangers who have become connected. Every day, charity shipments include medical masks, protective suits, hand sanitizers... or meals for doctors and volunteers who are frontline soldiers against the epidemic are fully provided. The help of hundreds of doctors and sponsors throughout the country is a great source of power to help us overcome the pandemic. 

Blue soldiers are at the frontline to fight the pandemic. Source: Internet
Source: Internet
As long as we are together, we will overcome any difficulty ! Photo: Internet

The heavy rains of the second storm did not make the volunteers feel hopeless. Many hotels in Da Nang have light up the city with the heart image with the desire to spread trust and optimism to the community. The very beautiful and heartwarming images here have awakened humanity inside us. Unconsciously, I asked myself: "What have I been and will be doing?" 

I love Đà Nẵng. Photo: Internet
Đà Nẵng is still beautiful and peaceful as it was. Photo: Internet

Whoever we are, even if we just simply stay at home or update health declaration, do it seriously! Let's try our best to repel COVID with the government. Then, when we reflect on a global pandemic later on, at least we will be proud of ourselves, right?

To take advantage of the time of social distancing, let’s spend more time with our family, do small things that we were so busy to do before

Use this time to care for parents, ask relatives every day ...

Use this time to learn more 1 new knowledge

Use this time to do exercise at home, improve your health

Use this time to balance your expenses

Use this time to ask yourself about dreams, goals, love, family ... the questions which will be answered instead of lying there for months and days.

And there are many more things for us to do during this time. Do not always be worried about things that can't make our life happier, nor more peaceful.

Later, when someone asked me about my 2020, I would say, it is a year of courage to deal with myself, with bigger issues than money, to be able to grow up and be stronger. 


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