Wonderful lessons for Sunners from the famous Korean drama "Itaewon Class"

If the life story of Park Saeroyi in Itaewon Class is set in the context of a Digital Creative Studio, it will certainly bring Sunners many interesting lessons in creating new values.

Defying the stereotypes about Korean dramas, Itaewon Class is really a rare drama that makes the audience praise a lot, not only by its unique cast, but also by the messages, lessons about life and work conveyed cleverly through the story about the protagonist’s life, Park Saeroyi.

Saeroyi's peaceful life suddenly falls into a tragedy after he gets expelled from high school for beating a bully whose father is a business tycoon in the culinary business. Later, Saeroyi’s father suddenly dies of a car accident caused by that bully. Saeroyi himself has to go to jail for trying to murder the bully while the bully is still living happily outside.

After watching all 16 episodes of Itaewon Class, from the view of Sun* News, Sunners can learn many interesting lessons from this famous drama!

Stay Focused: Focus on pursuing your goals

In the film, after 3 years in prison and 7 years as a soldier on the Oceangoing vessel, from the books he has learned during that difficult time, Saeroyi raises and by all means, fulfills his father's unfinished dream.

Finally, with his savings and effort, Sae-royi opens a restaurant called "DanBam" in Itaewon Street after 10 years of cherishing. His goal is to develop the restaurant into a large franchise store chain and proceed to defeat Jangga Food Group of President Jang. President Jang is the father of the evil who directly caused the tragic death of his father.

Although Park Saeroyi is beaten by the big fish Jangga many times, like the business is suspended or his pub is bought back, he has never once faltered and given up his goal. Despite the difficult situation, this young man still insisted, "I will do everything I need. I will accomplish what I want."

It is the same with work, Sunners need to focus both our mind and energy on the ultimate goals of ourselves and the company. A project completed fully or not depends on your determination, if you do not give up then surely, that project will be awesome and appreciated by your partners in any case.

Think Outside The Box: Think of a better way - Try something new

In the film, although Jangga, president Jang Dae Hee and his son are the evilness and Saeroyi's archenemy, it is true that Saeroyi has learned a lot of business knowledge from their books.

In order to develop business as well as attract customers to DanBam, Saeroyi has applied many old and inefficent ways of advertising instead of taking advantage of technology or social networks.

However, when Yi Seo (DanBam's young, talented and intelligent manager) breaks Saeroyi's "inside the box" thinking and enlightened him with bold, trendy ways of media like livestream, online blog , unique decoration, ... DanBam has received the customers' attention and become one of the famous pubs in Itaewon.

Moreover, realizing that Itaewon street has many foreigners, Park Saeroyi has chosen a different way from the rest of the pubs by recruiting a foreign member to be able to communicate with foreign customers when they come to DanBam.

From here we learn a lesson that a different and out-standing product always requires creative thinking and breaking from the developers who are always "thinking outside the box". Apparently, DanBam at the starting point is a small pub, incomparable to other big businesses. However, with a different and unique strategy, DanBam has risen to become one of Itaewon's best pubs.

Be A Team: If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together

This is one of Park Saeroyi's vital quotes when it comes to DanBam's development. It can be said that Park Saeroyi “one of a kind" owner in Itaewon. He dignifies the teamwork of DanBam's 5-member team, determined not to let anyone be left behind.

Indeed, when each employee, one after another, gets into trouble so much that they have to quit their job, from the black Kim Toni who experiences racist, from Ma Hyeon Yi, the transgender chef who is discriminated against or the waiter Choi Seung Kwon who has a gangster past, Park Saeroyi always finds every way for the members of DanBam to stand side by side, for no reason to be divided.

With such thinking and mind, the young boss Saeroyi has built a strong and united team. No matter what the circumstances, no matter how difficult, the members of DanBam always stick, trust each other and solve problems together.

At Sun*, Be A Team spirit is always put on top by everyone. Just like the quote "If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together", to achieve the common goal, though the road is not smooth and arduous, each member needs to stay together and support each other so that we will reach the destination of success no matter how difficult it is.

I have fully enjoyed Itaewon Class with such deep lessons. How about you? Have you watched Itaewon Class yet? Take a look and think of the lessons I mentioned above!

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