Far-from-home Sunners: "Be careful, dear, your parents are still with you!"

No wonder everyone maintains a good spirit, is positive at work and fights the pandemic fiercely. It’s because behind every Sunner, there is a whole sky of love from their own family!

It is undeniable that the pandemic has created significant disturbances in life, but this is also an opportunity for us to slow down, use our loving hearts to feel life, feel the sacred love of our family and feel more connected to our family.

Each family has its own way of caring, worrying and taking care of their children who live far from home and in the epicentre. Each family's expression of affection is different, some are simple and gentlư, some are full of affection, some are interesting and funny.

Let’s find out how parents of the Sun* family show love to their children during this pandemic!

My mother calls me every day to remind me: "Make lemongrass and ginger juice, and drink it, dear!", though I really hate drinking it. My mom even noticed the little things, she heard that because I’m about to run out of scallions, I cook 1 stalk of onions a day to save it, so she kept saying: "If only I could send some food to Ho Chi Minh City, I would send you a whole carton box. My poor daughter!". Such simple care is both cute and touching enough.

Huyen Thoai - EUV3

In the past, my mother did not send me food to Da Nang because I refused, my parents were busy with work, and I did not want my mother to have to buy a bunch of things and send them to me. However, last time, on the occasion of my mother sending things for my brother who lives alone in Ho Chi Minh City, I also got a huge box.

The most worrying moment was when I found out that FHome had gone into lockdown and then I’d have to test for COVID-19. My parents were terrified, but we regularly video call to update our health status, seeing me getting fatter every day, my parents are less worried. From time to time, my parents would ask: "Has the company been affected by the pandemic? Do you still work normally? Do you receive your salary? If you don't have enough, we will send you money to eat, don't starve!" My parents say so in a doubtful voice, they are afraid that I’d hide it, so they keep saying it over and over again!

My Linh - HRV

I'm at an epicentre but I’m still okay, but my parents in the countryside are still worried, so their hearts are restless. They call me 2-3 times a day saying "We heard that the situation there is terrible? Try to stock some food or else you’d starve!". And the end of the call is always "Be careful, my dear, if you can't go out, eat whatever you have at home, we will send you food as soon as we can." It makes me really happy!

My parents are not very familiar with social networks, but with their unskilled clicks, they try to find out information about the pandemic situation in my area (Thu Duc City) then practice sharing via Zalo broken pictures so that I can get the information (Although I already knew it first!). Just such small actions are enough to know that parents always look after their children, they truly are my wonderful parents!

Bich Ngoc - EUV2

My grandparents still sponsored food for our family even before the pandemic. Usually, I go back to my hometown to pick up things once a month. This time, the pandemic situation was too bad, so my grandparents had to send me up to 10kg of meat, 1kg of shrimp and crab. They also jokingly said that it was for their grand-daughter, if my parents borrowed the food, they must return it! (Laugh).

My family sends all kinds of things for me, all of which are home-grown such as clean pork, house-raised chicken, shrimp, crabs, eel and vegetables. My grandparents miss me, so they look forward to me coming back every day. But this time, they know that because of the pandemic, it’s impossible to go, so my grandparents could only tell me not to go around, try to keep the whole family and the baby healthy, and come visit the hometown once the pandemic is over.


Phuong Hoa - HRV

My mother often sends me food twice a week, or whenever I say that I’m about to run out, she will send me food right away. She mainly sends raw foods such as chicken, pork, fish, ribs, shrimp... that have been washed and put in boxes, sometimes she also sends some dried onions and garlic, vegetables, fruits… My parents keep messaging me saying "Stay at home, don't go out to eat!" since they’re worried about me.

I have to take herbal medicine often, so my mother has to buy herbal leaves and medicines to prepare the medicine, stew it all day and all night, then put it in a bottle, freeze it and send it to Hanoi for me. It takes a lot of work, but whenever I tell her that I’m almost out of it, my mother would send it anyway. Despite their age (66 years old), my parents always care for me, if there is anything delicious and nutritious, they will send it all to Hanoi for me!

Tuyet Mai - BAV

Last time, I told my parents not to send me anything because I could still go to the market. But yesterday, my parents heard that Da Nang had begun to ban people from going out, so they prepared a box of food to send to me without telling me. Last night around 8 pm, I suddenly got called out to receive the goods. When I opened the box, I was very surprised! Excitedly opened the box, I saw all kinds of vegetables, meat, from rice to food, spices, cooking oil... there's nothing missing!

Suddenly, I remember the saying "Those who love their children are afraid that they aren't enough. Those who don't love their children are afraid that their children ask for too much"! Now that I think about it, I feel this deeply!

Thuy Hang - VEU

In this time of a pandemic, the love of our family is like a medicine to calm our spirits and strengthen our minds to join hands with the whole country and fight the pandemic. Some things are simple, but on busy days, we accidentally forget or can't deeply feel the care and love of our family. Therefore, during this time, please give more love to your family, share love and bond with your family more, Sunners!

We hope that all Sunners will stay positive and strong against the pandemic. Stay strong, Sunshine!

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