HOT: S*Goal Team introduce a new interface

Recently, S*Goal has releasea new interface of the Group Detail and Objective Detail screens, promising to optimize OKRs users’ experience at Sun*

Ever since it was officially put into operation at Sun*, the S*Goal system has been asserting its importance within the organization and received a lot of positive contributions from Sunners. Some of the project’s achievements include "Nomination for Project of the Year at SAA 2020" and "Best Crew Award at Sun* VEU Mid-year Awards 2021".

In Sun*’s spirit of "Make awesome things that matters", the project team developing S*Goal - a target management system - is determined to change the UI entirely to make the system more professional and more user-friendly while meeting the standards of a world-class project. And it is expected that after releasing this new UI, S*Goal will also officially go into operation at Sun* Japan.

S*Goal introduce a new interface

S*Goal is a "homegrown" team where most of the Devs and QAs are Interns and Opens who don't have much experience. Moreover, in addition to working remotely, the team also had to ensure the tool to work properly right after Sun*’s structural change. So the challenges for the S*Goal project team multiplied.

However, they did not disappoint Sunners, with the “Be A Team” and “Be Professional” spirit, the project successfully completed the proposed sprint Goal. And after nearly 2 months,  on July 27, S*Goal has officially launched a new interface for 2 new screens on the system, Group Detail and Objective Detail. Although this is not a huge launch for S*Goal, but considering the project members’ efforts, the smooth operation of this new interface is an impressive achievement.

Specifically, with this release, S*Goal has a new, more user-friendly UI that allows us to edit details or delete OKRs, link our OKRs to a group's OKRs easily without too many clicks.

In addition, the indicators and calculation points are also clearly displayed, making managing goals and observing results easier.

Old UI
Old UI
New UI (Group Detail screen)
New UI (Objective Detail screen)

What do the S*Goal team say about the successful release of this new interface?

Members of the S*Goal project - Vietnam Education Unit

The project of changing the UI started when the company started working remotely. Due to the lack of human resources, I felt it was quite difficult for the project team. I did ask for additional members, but the process took a long time, so the project members just had to try our best. What makes me feel proudest is that all the team members are full of enthusiasm, everyone was trying their best from Design, FE, DEV to QA. Everyone worked together, supported each other well to get the job done regardless of the challenges. Special thanks to Lan Anh (DEU) for designing a brand new fancy look for S*Goal. Hopefully in the remaining months of the year, we can perfect the UI with a completely new interface. 

Duc Quoc - Leader of the S*Goal project

My biggest challenge after joining the project was that S*Goal was my first project ever. I had a lot of confusion and I made a lot of mistakes, but everyone was still super eager to help and give me instruction, so the time with S*Goal was really meaningful for me. S*Goal's new UI is super cool, very friendly and easy to use. I hope everyone will love and use S*Goal a lot!! 

An Khanh - QA of the S*Goal project

Seeing my brainchild getting a new appearance makes me feel really happy and proud. After every successful release, I let out a sigh of relief "I finally did it!". I want to thank all the project members for their great efforts. Even though we work remotely, the members always encourage each other. I hope that we can develop S*Goal even more together and create awesome projects together! 

Minh Huyen - PHP Trainer

The new interface has been released! Sunners, please access the S*Goal system to experience it and give feedback so the project team can continue to improve in the coming phases!



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