Other teams have already used Kudo, why not your team?

Team bạn đã áp dụng Kudo box để thúc đẩy tinh thần làm việc lẫn nhau chưa? "Team nhà người ta" xài chuyên nghiệp lắm rồi! Còn có cả tips nữa nè!

*** If you have never known Kudo Box, read this post right now!


Express your personality with confidence through your own name

"Sexy Education" - The name is ... so sexy! No wonder why members in the team have so many feelings for each other =)) Just kidding! The main point is that when you use Kudo, your team can create a unique name for your team.

This is amazing!

Create a habit of saying thanks and encouraging each other in box chat

Using Kudo box is a way to create a habit of sending thanks and encouraging each other among team members.

For example: "What did someone achieve? Go up to the project box with the Kudo system link remind everyone to work hard to send each other Kudo Card."

"Today Mr. A gives me an apple => Write Kudo Card: Thank you right away"

"Today sister X just got the international certificate => Write Kudo Card: Congratulations"

"How good the homemade developer is, the code is finished without any bug => Write Kudo Card: Great Job"

"Friend Y has a very useful sharing session => Write Kudo Card: Many Thanks"

Open the box at every weekly fixed meeting

Team Education Hanoi usually meets every Tuesday, at this time, it will take 15 minutes to summarize Kudo, see which member gets the most Kudo. Kudo Cards are also read out for morale. Some weeks, the writers read them, others read them attractively. Those who do not receive a Kudo Card during the week must check it out! =))

Reward the member with the most efforts

Surely the person who receives the most Kudo Cards is the one with the most outstanding achievements or supports everyone. Please acknowledge everyone's contributions and encourage each other's work ethic

Team Edu often synthesizes monthly, whoever gets the most Kudos will win a medal, put in the working corner. Besides a gift, sometimes a cup of tea, a pair of movie tickets, or a breakfast ...

Difficulty in synthesizing it? Don't worry there is a system that calculates for you all, just one click!

Box Detail => Statistic => View number of Kudo Card statistics.

"Usually I use Chatwork/Facebook to get in touch with people and send greetings, but very quick messages or articles will" drift "away. For me, RS is a" Memory box "on it. is the wishes and encouragement of everyone to me and from me to everyone. RS is a place where just opening up you can find the words of encouragement and feelings right away without having to look in the middle of the line. There are dozens of stories, thousands of lines of text, sometimes sad, mood down, like when we were little when we opened the "secret box" to find out about memories when we come to RS, we can open Kudo. box - where the love is always overflowing so that we love life again, love ourselves, and love everyone."

-- Do Thi Ly ---

"I think the Sun * Rewarding System (SRS) is a very useful application!"

I can thank everyone. That could be a thank you to the trainer, a thank you to my colleagues for helping and supporting me.

I can share, ask, care, also be encouragement to everyone.

RS reminded me of colleague's birthday so that I could "Timely" send my wishes.

And also myself, through RS received the greetings and encouragement of brothers and sisters, friends, that is great.

Another thing is that the SRS design looks "pretty" too! No waste! Hihi "

-- Thu Giang --

Hanoi and Danang Education Team have applied successfully. It's time for your team to give it a go!


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