Sun* Family Pet Association: ‘Headaches’ because of raising "boss", being "servant"

Pet owners often identify themselves as "servants" when they have to take care of their pets like bosses. Taking care of “bosses” is not exactly hard but definitely is not easy! Only the "servants" can understand what "happy boss, happy life" feels like. Let's listen to the stories of our Sunners about this!

Where are the "servants" of Sun* family? Come and check out the stories of “bosses”, maybe you will see yourself in them somewhere!

“Boss”: Gạo (Rice) - “Servant”: Viet Hoang

I've been raising Gao for 5 months now! Since having Gao, I feel that I live my life in a much healthier way. Many times when I want to go out to drink or play football, I have to rush home to feed the “boss” before I can go out. Owning a cat reduces my stress in work as well as in life. Sometimes, when I’m drowning in tasks, working at the company till 9-10 p.m, coming home to be greeted by a cat suddenly makes me feel refreshed.

Gao is probably cutest when it's sleeping, because only when it’s sleeping, is the “boss” less disruptive and kinder! But it can only be quiet during sleep, normally, it's very "naughty". It’d be spinning the santo around the room, breaking things, climbing to the top of the window, stepping on the keyboard and mouse when I was working.... In general, raising the “boss” is tiring, but fun!

Viet Hoang - CEV 12

"Boss": Shy - "Servant": Nhu Chinh

My cat's name is Shy, I've had him for 1 year. When I first bought him, I didn't know his gender, so I just called him that,  and it turned out he’s a male. Raising a cat is like being a "servant", and the cat is like a "king"! For a single, inexperienced young man like myself, raising a pet is quite difficult at first. Fortunately, I’ve been behaving well so I’ve met a few friends who also share this hobby and they gave me advice.

What I like about raising cats is that when I lie down for a bit because my back gets tired, he’ll jump on me and then give me a light massage, and he’ll leave some “marks” if he feels like it. After he’s done wrecking around, he sometimes bites the power cord or climbs on and sits on me, the impressive part is the light scars on my arms which was his “work”.

Nhu Chinh - CEV 11

Boss: Chuoi (Banana) and Dau (Pea) - "Servant": Ngoc Anh

I have been raising two cats named Chuoi and Dau for a year and a half. My life has completely turned upside down since I have them. For example, in the past, when going on a trip or going back to the countryside, I just had to pack my bags. Now I have to arrange a place for the two of them to eat, sleep, and pee for a few days, send a friend to look after them or let them play together. There are dry seeds and water sprayer so I don’t have to be too worried!

Since I started raising these two, my life has been very happy, they are very sentimental and clingy. It is often said that all troubles will disappear when you pet a cat, which is not wrong. My two cats are gentle, sometimes playful, their faces also change according to their moods: sometimes sad, sometimes very bratty.

Every morning they wake me up, like "It's time, my stomach can't fill itself, get up and feed me". If I don't wake up, they will rub their head in my hand or “knead the dough” Furniture such as leather seats or carpets have been picked up messily by them. The newly bought shoes which I forgot to put away, were also chewed, it’s like they’re dogs.

There were nights when I was sleeping, covered in blankets, but Dau was jumping around, stepping on my foot and startling me. In the morning I saw 5 dots of cat nails on my feet, it was so painful.

Ngoc Anh - CEV 06

"Boss": Muc - "Servant": Minh Chien

My "His Majesty" is named Muc. I’ve been raising him for more than 3 years! Basically, my life has not changed much since I started raising Muc because he is good, never breaks anything in the house (while my 2 previous fur babies often bit everything, from slippers to books). Whenever I take him out for a walk, people on the street often point at us and say "that's a dog", it's a little embarrassing!

Muc is like a friend of mine who is always happy, wagging his tail whenever he sees me coming home, which is suitable for FAs (like my fellow colleague Quy Nguyen). After the pandemic, I’ll take him for a walk and I bet the girls will ask to hug him. My favorite thing about Muc is that he's always clean, since he was a puppy, he never “handled his business” in the house, although when it’s hot, he always went to the 2nd floor for fear of being wet.

Sometimes he’s also very disruptive! I remember one time when I took him out for a walk in the park near my house, then it rained so I called out for him and I couldn't find him. So I searched for him in the rain for almost an hour, I was afraid that he was lost! I was about to go home and get the motorbike to continue looking for him, but found him sleeping at home. It turns out this little one doesn't like getting wet, so he left me and went home first! =))

Minh Chiến - R&D

Boss: Đậu - "Con sen": Thanh Thảo

Her name is Dau, Dau has been raised for more than 3 years now. Fortunately, our family has the appropriate conditions to raise and take care of her properly, so I don't have many difficulties. To me, Dau is like a friend, she also knows how to listen, understand and feel. When I'm happy, she wags her tail, and when I'm sad or sick, she lies next to me with her sad face.

My dog is very good, and does not often bite things because she has been trained since she was a puppy. She’s only gluttony and has a smelly mouth!

Thanh Thao - HRV

"Boss": Chanh (Lime) and Moon - "Servant": Luong Lan

My 2 “bosses” are Chanh and Moon, I’ve been raising them for 2 years. Actually, I've raised cats and dogs a lot, so I'm familiar with it and don't have any big problems. For me, pets are like joy! These days, since we have to be at home, I have a lot of time to spend with the two of them, watch them play together and discover a lot of their tricks.

I like their intelligence, cleverness the most. Sometimes they have some very interesting silly games. Chanh and Moon mainly just eat and sleep, sometimes they're a little naughty. There are times when it’s 4-5 am, they get so hungry, so they come to the room to wake me up, flatter me by sniffing, writhing and "acting cute" to get me to feed them. If I don't wake up, they’ll scratch, push things to the ground or gnaw on my feet and hands. But once I’ve fed them, they go in different directions and are no longer close to me, really annoying!

Luong Lan - CEV 07

"Boss": Lita - Luna - Misa - SuKa - "Servant": Hoai Thuong

I have raised 4 cats! The first cat is Lita, my friend’s cat’s baby. There was no one to take care of her so I adopted and raised her for about 3 years, and then I brought her back to my hometown so my mom can take care of her because I was too busy. I remember one day, she was in the closet so I couldn’t find her. I was on the 9th floor of the apartment complex, I was so worried, so I walked from the 9th floor down to the basement, then walked back up to find her but couldn’t. I went home and cried because I thought she was gone. When she was sterilized at the veterinary hospital, she got an infection and had to stay in the hospital for a month. Every day I had to run home to boil shrimp and feed her, just like taking care of a baby.

Then I had another fur baby, Luna, he’s almost 5 years old now and was made “gay”. His special hobby is tossing things off the table but only dares to do it at night when I turn off the light to go to sleep. He is also afraid of bathing, afraid of water, so every time he has to take a bath, he hides. He is also good at sniffing extremely fast, though every time he meets a stranger, he is very shy. Baby Luna is still with me until now.

The 3rd fur baby was named Misa, nearly 4 years old, "from" Hanoi. I felt like it was destined so I ordered her right away. When I picked her up, I was shocked because she was so small, her body was full of fungus, not at all like the picture. So for the next 2 months, I struggled to treat her fungus. I researched on the internet, and then asked people, I had to change 3 types of medication for it to stop. At that time, the fungus was also transmitted to me, oh my god, I just wanted to cry.

The last child is Xuka, Luna and Misa’s baby. The baby was 2 months old when he had Feline panleukopenia (a dangerous disease in cats with a relatively low survival rate). Because I loved him so much, I still took him to the veterinary hospital for treatment. For about 3 weeks, I was there to care for and play with him. Fortunately, the fur baby survived, I’ve raised him for 1 year and he’s now healthy and chonky.

Hoai Thuong - CEV 13

Although they sometimes mess up everything, it is undeniable that pets are like friends and family members! The "boss" is always cute and is the joy and comfort in our life.

Working from home like this with "boss" is fun and is a very good stress-reliever. So if you have the opportunity to adopt a pet, give it a try!

May the "boss" of the Sun family always be healthy, obediently listen to "servant", and also, may the "servants" fulfill their duty of serving the "boss" well!

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