Sunners’ common feeling during the pandemic: "We really want to meet our lover!"

Throughout the whole country, the pandemic situation is in the most stressful period. All three big cities Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City have become COVID-19 epicenters. How are Sunners feeling during these “quarantine” days? Let's find out more about their thoughts and aspirations!

Having to stay at home for so long, we will fondly miss the very simple things that have become luxuries in this pandemic. We’re even sure that many Sunners have made a long list of things to do after the pandemic is over.

Take a walk around Sun* with Sun* News to find out what Sunners want to do on "the day COVID is gone"!

Right now, I want to meet my “500 superhero brothers” at HUST the most, especially Mr. Hieu. I heard people say that Hieu is handsome and single, so who knows, this could be my chance? (Laugh)

As soon as social distancing ends, the first thing I will do is to cut my hair and enjoy the passionate aroma of Bun dau Mam tom with my “someone”. Thinking about the two of us driving around West Lake, eating some ice cream, and inhaling the fresh air is satisfying enough! Well, if I had a lover!

Bich Diep - GEU

I want to meet my girlfriend, watch the movie 'Huong Vi Tinh Than' and the movie 'Mua Hoa Tim Lai’ with her. These two movies are very good, very worth watching. During this pandemic, I just work and then watch movies. Because my girlfriend is in the countryside and I live in Da Nang, we can't watch it together. But whenever it's movie time, we call each other and watch it. In addition, I also want to go to Hai Van Pass in the evening and drink a cup of coffee there!

Hong Thai - EUV4

Being at home for a long time, and not being able to step foot outside, I feel really cramped. I want to go around West Lake with my best friend, I want to workout in the morning with my boyfriend, and eat delicious Hanoi dishes such as bun rieu, bun cha, chao suon, nom, dumplings, sticky rice… I crave going out for coffee with my Chill Gang and taking my mother to the supermarket. If the pandemic situation gets better, and social distancing is over, I will definitely go meet my boyfriend, then meet my best friend. And I’ll eat out. We must eat to be productive, people ^^

Dieu Linh - HRV

Right now, I want to eat a bowl of bun bo gio heo with lots of vermicelli, no water spinach. I want to meet everyone at the company and launch Phuc's tour (Phuc is the leader of the tour, so we named it after him). I bet a lot of guys will want to cut their hair after the pandemic ends, but not me! My mother had just had a major surgery and has been stuck in Ho Chi Minh for 2 months now, so the first thing for me is to bring her back to our hometown, she misses home so much but she can't go home by herself.

Quoc Vuong - EUV3

I want to eat “the whole world” but I'm afraid it won't be enough. In my head, there are always a lot of delicacies, which are pho, bun bo, banh canh, fried noodles, steamed squid, beef hot pot, goat hot pot, pha lau, ice cream, and even beefsteak, fried noodle soup, Nam Vang noodle soup, braised beef noodle soup, vermicelli soup, vermicelli noodles, beef with guise leaves, Yangzhou fried rice, dumplings noodles, sushi.... There are a lot more!

As soon as COVID is gone, I will rush to the barber shop right away, my hair is already too long! The only people I don't want to meet are F0 F1 F2, aside from those, I want to meet everyone!

Minh Hung - EUV1

Being at home for a long time like this, the thing I want to do the most is to meet my girlfriend, I miss her so much! I want to experience the feeling of working in the office. Due to the pandemic, I had to work remotely right after I joined the company, so I can't wait! And for the rest of the time, I will go on dates and spend time with my girlfriend!

Quang Anh - EUV2

I have just returned from Da Nang, so I have to self-quarantine at home. My wish now is that there will soon be a cure for COVID, then I will be able to go out with my friends to drink lemon iced tea every weekend night. Just thinking about going to a great barbecue buffet with friends after the pandemic makes me feel so much better! And there are still a bunch of appointments in messenger waiting to be realized!

Quang Phi - EUV4

I want to go back to work, go to the company (for what purpose, I'm sure the Rice Gang and the Edu Sisters already know, right?), not just to work, because for me, I can work wherever. It's just that Edu currently has many new courses, so there are a lot of pretty girls. Therefore, I want to go to work often so that I can meet the girls, it’d be a pity if I missed it!

Honestly, I miss the times spent sitting at a cafe blogging, driving around the city, or munching on some dried squid with my friends, telling old stories, freelancing this and that, so I'll probably have to make up for it. I also like to be active, so outbreaks like this to me feels like I’m a bird that is locked in a cage.

Huu Hung - VEU

Currently, working remotely is too hot so I want to shave my head to cool down. In my project team, everyone's head looks so smooth and shiny, I want to be like that so much! When the pandemic is over, I will go back to the old cafe and chill with my homies, I'll return to the company to play chess with the great brothers in the project.

Quoc Viet - EUV4

I want to quickly come to the company to meet the team. The company has been working remotely since I joined, so I have not had many opportunities to meet and work directly with people. I look forward to the day when the pandemic situation stabilizes and I can return to the office. Our team also has a unaccomplished appointment for a hearty drink, so when we go back to work, we will definitely have to do it right away.

Phuong Thao - HRV